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Tech leaders join forces to form OpenCAPI Consortium

Imagine the business challenges that would be solved with 10 times faster data center server performance. For those of you who design and develop technology for the data center, this has been a goal you’ve strived for and struggled to achieve due to the diminishing rate of microprocessor technology and design improvement. Until now! Something [...]

EMC Isilon Building Blocks

Scale-Out, the ideal architecture for the growing Digital Universe This month, we released the EMC Digital Universe study with Research & Analysis by IDC. The study quantifies and forecasts the amount of data produced annually through 2020. The digital universe is growing at 40% a year. It is almost doubling in size every 2 years and by [...]

Catching the Transition to Mobile Workspace Solutions

For 25 years, Citrix has been the company that understood the requirements of people and the way they want to work with technology. To put it simply, people want the ability to work from anywhere; have the ability to use the device of their choice; and posess the ability to communicate with customer and colleagues [...]

The Storage Costs of Protection

I have presented several blog entries on the topic of data protection costs. In a previous blog I suggest that we cannot afford to protect data at the rate that we are now accustomed to. In another entry, I attempted to outline how data protection trends have given rise to over-protected or over-insured data. Next, I outlined ways to help [...]

VMware and ViPR: Better Together

I want to take a moment to demonstrate how EMC ViPR + VMware work together to bring storage automation to VMware environments today. By utilizing ViPR with VMware, a company’s Storage Administrators and Virtual Infrastructure Administrators partner to enable seamless and efficient automation of the most common VM data storage management functions: Data Store Lifecycle [...]

Champions of Software as a Service

What it takes to lead, and succeed, with SaaS: Pacesetters are looking to Software as a Service for competitive advantage. The use of Software as a Service (SaaS) has skyrocketed over the last few years and shows no signs of slowing down. What’s driving that demand? As expected, many we surveyed cited reducing the total [...]

Predictions for 2014 – Guaranteed to Come True!

It’s that prediction time of year, and even though I’m a bit late to the game (I could have predicted that), the difference between me and all the other prognosticators is that my predictions are 100% guaranteed to come true! Don’t believe me? Well read on. Prediction #1: An organization will lose data and not [...]