About Michael Virga

Michael Virga is a DevOps Practice Manager for Sirius.

What Is a DevOps Toolchain?

If you think about it, a toolchain is nothing new. According to Wikipedia, a toolchain is a set of programming tools that are used together to perform a complex software development task. Toolchains are elevating solutions to a new level. Tool vendors are touting their own toolchains. And of course, there are DevOps toolchains—a set [...]

Why Should You Care About DevOps?

Imagine a 482% ROI on a $29k initial implementation with $251k in onboarding costs, and the software cost of $268k spread over three years. What kind of IT investments can offer these kinds of returns? This example from a Forrester report illustrates exactly what some Sirius clients have already been seeing: incredible returns on their [...]