About Kevin Fratzke

Kevin Fratzke is Director of Managed Services and Cloud with Sirius Computer Solutions.

Video: Learn How Sirius Can Help You with Cloud!

In today’s digital economy, businesses are relying more than ever on IT while witnessing seismic shifts in the way they buy and consume technology. With operational efficiency, agility and 24x7x365 connectedness front of mind, Sirius is making it easier for clients to move into the cloud while addressing the need to manage and optimize overall [...]

Obtain Modern Infrastructure on a Utility Basis with IBM’s SoftLayer

With Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), IT leaders are realizing they don’t have to trade flexibility for performance in the cloud. IaaS provides modern IT infrastructure capabilities on a utility basis. Cost savings and optimal performance can be realized with the right partner for your use cases, and a properly architected and implemented solution. So what [...]

Sirius ACT Manages Cloud Spend for AWS and SoftLayer

Today's IT buyers demand flexibility and near-instantaneous results when moving to the cloud. With just a credit card, business users can purchase cloud services and have immediate access to infrastructure without engaging IT. But with simplicity and freedom comes an even greater need to manage and optimize overall cloud spend. How can you put controls [...]

Sirius Now Partnering with Top IaaS Provider

Source: Amazon Web Services Reduce costs and increase efficiency with external infrastructure from Amazon Web Services Sirius clients are embracing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) so they can stop pouring money and resources into in-house data centers, obtain modern IT infrastructure capabilities on a utility basis, and focus on projects that will differentiate [...]

Reduce Costs and Promote Future Growth with the Sirius Cloud Solutions Practice

At Sirius, we see cloud adoption entering a dramatic, new phase fueled by steady escalation in client demand. More and more IT leaders are embracing cloud as the key to combating increasing budget pressures, and replacing the old-world operating model of building, owning and maintaining infrastructure. Architected properly, cloud can provide tremendous benefits ranging from [...]

How Are You Tackling the Staffing Challenges of Retiring IT Resources?

Do you have retiring IT resources in your infrastructure environment with skills that are more and more difficult to replace? If so, you are not alone. As technology continues to advance, IT professionals – particularly those entering the workforce – are moving with it, focusing on lucrative skills in forward-reaching technologies rather than supporting legacy [...]