About Jose Ferreira

Jose Ferreira is a Southeast Security Solutions Territory Manager for Sirius.

What the WAF? Beyond the Capital One Breach

Capital One made world news waves on July 19, 2019, when it was reported they had suffered a security breach that resulted in the loss of 30GB of data. This data loss affected 106 million people in North America and included data submitted on credit card applications from 2005 to early 2019. Lots of digital [...]

Cyber Deception and the Path to Hacking Back

RSA Conference 2018 featured hundreds of sessions covering today’s cybersecurity issues. The theme was “Now Matters,” and among the immediate issues featured was the question of whether companies should engage in active defense, or “hacking back.” The idea of hacking back has been discussed by security researchers for over a decade. Dave Dittrich, SANS instructor [...]

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