About Joe Flanagan

Joe Flanagan is a Global Cloud Architect at Sirius.

How to Find Your Match Made in Cloud Heaven

Last month, we offered tips and tricks you can take to keep your business cloud breach-free. Related: Steering Clear of Security Breaches: Maintaining Cloud Integrity in 2020 The lack of a common standard framework for assessing cloud service providers (CSPs), combined with the fact that no two are the same, can sometimes make it difficult [...]

Your AWS Cloud Journey: Deploying Palo Alto HA in AWS

If you have a need for HA in AWS and you follow the tech docs on the Palo Alto site, they can be a bit confusing. There are two methods, one being the Palo Alto proper and the other using AWS native ELB. The Palo Alto VM-Series firewall on AWS supports active/passive HA only. If [...]