About Joe Grant Bluechel

Joe Grant Bluechel is the Vice President of Data and Analytics Solutions at Sirius.

How to Be Clever, Not Creepy, With Customer Data

For some consumers, just hearing the word “data” is enough to send shivers down their spines. Data controversies such as the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal have made the public wary about how companies collect and use their data. However, data doesn’t have to be creepy, and shouldn’t be. When used securely and strategically, data can help [...]

Ten Thoughts on Analytics for the Healthcare Industry

This week I had the honor of attending a summit that brought together more than 20 healthcare providers to share ideas and collaborate on key perspectives impacting their organizations. And throughout, I thought it was remarkable how often the underlying theme was the need for analytics and data-driven decision-making. The pressures prevalent in healthcare make [...]

Setting Priorities: 5 Key Components for a Successful Big Data Strategy

We can all agree that big data can be overwhelming, especially if it’s not organized and managed efficiently. But, why is structured data important? How does it help your organization’s various lines of business? These are questions we hear every day. The big data revolution is here; and it’s imperative for organizations to develop a [...]

Harness the Power of Big Data

Are you looking to harness the power of solutions you already have in place, or implement new solutions to get more from your data? Brightlight offers the solutions you need to put analytics to work for you! Brightlight provides the industry-leading technologies our clients need to harness the power of data and gain a competitive [...]

Brightlight Strategy Services Ensure Success of Your Business Analytics Efforts

  Successful business analytics (BA) requires a well thought-out strategy that’s practical, clear, tailored to your needs and rooted in proven best practices. Brightlight Business Analytics, a division of Sirius Computer Solutions, is uniquely qualified to champion the goals of your business and the needs of diverse stakeholders across your organization to help you define, [...]

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