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Jody LaRoque is a Senior Corporate Communications Specialist & PR Lead for Sirius.

MDM in Minutes: Deploy, Secure and Support Smartphones and Tablets

According to Gartner (2013)*, by 2016 over 30% of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies will leverage personal applications, data and social connections for enterprise purposes. Companies need to prepare for the influx of mobile device usage in the workplace – including managing growing workforce expectations around mobility such as the ability to use any [...]

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Sirius and IBM Launch Strategic Software Initiative for Federal Market

Sirius announces the launch of a joint strategic software initiative with IBM to expand its commitment to providing IBM Software solutions to the federal government. Specifically, Sirius will be working with IBM to focus on the U.S. Air Force and Department of Energy locations in the western United States. The joint software initiative builds on [...]

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Consistently Manage the Security of All Your Databases

Did you know that database servers are among the primary sources of breached data? As organizations aggregate more and more data, they need to be aware that much of it could be financial, personal, and other types of sensitive data that are at risk and need to be protected against rogue insiders and external attacks. [...]

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Visualize Your Customers’ Digital Experience

For any online business facing pressure to increase revenue and reduce costs, Customer Experience Management is an essential strategy. Having the ability to visualize your customers’ experience and pinpoint their struggles on your Website can mean the difference between delivering better service and possibly losing their business forever. Customer Experience Management solutions provide critical visibility, [...]

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Discover, Recognize and Act on Unstructured Data In-place

Over the past couple of months, Sirius has launched a number of informative videos addressing what our clients have identified as some of the IT challenges that are keeping them up at night. This week our focus is on unstructured data, which often represents significant legal cost and potential risk to an organization. One powerful [...]

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Stay Ahead of Growing Security Threats While Reducing Risk and Costs

How secure are you? We all know organizations today face a landscape with high-impact corporate breaches, growing mobile security concerns and advanced security threats. And firms must be equipped to identify threats, detect insider fraud, predict business risk and address regulatory mandates. Does your organization have the right tools to intelligently secure the enterprise and [...]

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Optimize the Performance of z/OS and Drive Analytics to Power New Data-Hungry Applications

Built on nearly four decades of advanced virtualization technology, IBM zEnterprise servers offer an advanced combination of security, resiliency, flexibility and availability. And if your organization currently runs z/OS, you probably already know why it is the industry’s platform of choice for opera­tional analytics with enhancements for policy-based management, superb per­formance, data protection, and unrivaled [...]

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Cisco’s New Meraki MR34 Access Point: 802.11ac Performance, Cloud Management, Cisco Quality

There is a lot of buzz around the new 802.11ac wireless standard, which promises superior performance compared to 802.11a/b/g/n networks, through an increase in throughput and reduction in interference. It provides a reliable wireless network for mobile users while supporting a broad range of applications, without compromising total network performance. 802.11ac offers: Anytime access to [...]

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Cisco Networking Solutions from Sirius

Sirius is a Cisco Gold Partner and holds three Master Certifications including Master Managed Services, Master Security and Master Unified Communications -- the highest level of certifications within a Cisco partner. Sirius' Senior Vice President Craig Nelson, and his team discuss Cisco networking solutions and what sets Sirius apart from the competition. Sirius sets the [...]

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