About Jeff Comer

Jeff Comer is a Security Solutions Manager with Sirius Computer Solution.

Four Ways to Secure Your IT Infrastructure

Because of malicious breaches, theft of proprietary data and compliance requirements, security is now a priority for every organization. If these reasons aren’t enough proof, here are four more. Detection is Key Identifying threats is your organization’s first line of defense. Closing the gaps—using either a managed service or self-managed system—will prevent an IT catastrophe, [...]

Strategies for Reducing Ransomware

Ransomware is malicious software that criminals use to encrypt files and hold valuable data for ransom. In recent weeks, the Sirius security team has seen pandemic outbreaks of ransomware across the country. And once infected, organizations are forced to restore data from backup with some data loss or pay the ransom. Unfortunately, ransomware likely needs no [...]

The Good Guys’ Approach to Security: Palo Alto Networks

Information security is very challenging these days. In fact, most say it’s impossible. An unprecedented number of new threats and tactics arise on a daily basis. Unfortunately there are always bad people that will steal, and in today’s world the greatest and easiest opportunity is at the end of an IP address. Technologists are detecting and [...]

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