About Jeannie Kemper

Jeannie Kemper is Manager of Sirius' Technology Enablement Centers.

Sirius TECs Accelerate New Technology Adoption with Agnostic Testing

Sirius Technology Enablement Centers (Sirius TECs) have always provided an exceptional environment for clients to see first-hand how various technologies perform in a real-world environment. Sirius can perform vendor-neutral, head-to-head proofs of concept (PoCs) that let the client decide which solution would be best for their environment. In 2015, a Sirius client that’s one of [...]

Experience IT Solutions Live – Before You Invest – at a Sirius TEC

When technology is so critical to your business, why invest in IT without knowing how well it can deliver? At a Sirius Technology Enablement Center (TEC) you can analyze your current business and IT processes, experiment with a range of hardware and software options, explore the potential of IT solutions, and identify opportunities for improving [...]