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Jason Cray is a Storage Solutions Engineer with Sirius Computer Solutions.

Are You Doing These Four Things to Protect Your Virtual Environment?

With the explosive growth of data, and the increased dependency on accurate and timely access to that data, many organizations are struggling with the complexity of protecting modern IT environments. The need to streamline operations has made virtualization a standard, and often shifts the responsibility for data protection from backup administrators to workload owners and [...]

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Can You Really Have Infrastructure That Just Works?

One of the largest initiatives that our clients are undertaking is the virtualization of their entire environment. They need a virtual infrastructure that is agile enough to easily grow and expand with their business, while providing enterprise-class performance and reliability. This is where converged and hyperconverged infrastructures come in. While hyperconverged environments help to address [...]

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CommVault Live Sync Feature Eliminates Conventional VM Backups

Organizations often face strict requirements to quickly recover critical servers and data, or they risk business health and bottom-line losses. And for business-critical applications, failure of any kind is not an option. The ability to rebuild a server and restore its data is no longer enough when seconds count. So what are the options if [...]

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CommVault and NetApp Partner to Simplify Backup and Recovery

One aspect of IT infrastructure that has been heavily impacted by data growth is backup and recovery applications. It was once true that backup and recovery applications were just that -- singularly developed to address backup and recovery. Not anymore. Today, these applications have become true data management applications, incorporating functions such as deduplication, data [...]

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