About Force 3

Force 3, a Sirius Computer Solutions Company, provides infrastructure services to design, deploy, support and maintain clients’ technology needs.

Through the Firewall: Embracing DevOps, Part 2

Sharing is caring, especially in DevOps, for which collaboration is key to success. But what do you need to share and how do you do it? How can you move your organization to the point where people aren’t sharing because they have to, but they’re sharing because they know it accomplishes individual, team and company [...]

Through the Firewall: Embracing DevOps

Ask five people what the term DevOps means, and you’ll likely get five different answers. When the concept first entered industry dialogue (around 2008), it was typically applied to rapid software development environments—places like Amazon, eBay and Flickr, where companies have to balance rapid product development and delivery alongside customer expectations and satisfaction. But today, [...]

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