About Ed Ricks

Ed Ricks is a Director of Healthcare for Sirius Computer Solutions.

Healthcare Bot Helps Providers Manage COVID-19 Inquiries

As the COVID-19 pandemic reaches into more communities, many hospitals, clinics and providers are being inundated with inquiries from people who are concerned they may have been exposed and need treatment. To prevent healthcare organizations from being overwhelmed by inquiries, and to ensure that only those who truly need help enter the system, it is [...]

Blockchain in Healthcare: Greater Security, Fewer Mistakes, Less Paper

If the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “blockchain” is Bitcoin, you’re not alone. Cryptocurrencies were built on blockchain’s system of using distributed, permissioned computing to create a virtual ledger that could be used to confirm and ensure the accuracy and security of transactions. In the healthcare industry, where the security of [...]

Patient Care in the Cloud

Healthcare is going digital, and it’s not all happening inside the hospital or clinic. With the increasing popularity of telehealth services and smart remote-monitoring devices, doctor-patient relationships have new tools for communication, diagnosis and monitoring, and the implications for patient care are significant. For example, McKinsey has identified that one of the principal reasons patients [...]

3 Ways to Optimize EHRs in Your Healthcare Environment

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have changed the face (and the pace) of healthcare. Not only do EHRs empower clinicians and physicians to provide better care, they also enhance the experience of patients―all because they offer better access to data. As with any technology though, optimization is ongoing. EHRs are continually evolving to support the changing [...]