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Darrin D. Nelson is the Vice President, Software Solutions with Sirius Computer Solutions.

Seven Software Technologies for a Successful Business

Wherever there is information there is software. It can be a few lines of code or an enterprise commerce system driving a million transactions an hour or anything in between. Software provides the logic and organization to govern information that exists at all levels. As we round the year’s halfway mark, it’s worth considering these [...]

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Software Checkpoint: Finding solutions that work for your team

Are you making sense of your big data? Do you have a secure and compliant platform protecting your business applications? Are you meeting compliance requirements and regulations? These are all questions organizations should be asking to stay relevant, informed, secure, agile and compliant. Identifying and implementing the optimal solutions for your organization is a huge [...]

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What Are You Doing to Protect the Data That Runs Your Business?

At a time when 70% of your company’s value likely lies in intellectual property…the Sirius Security SWAT team is here to help! Sirius and IBM offer solutions to help your organization detect malicious patterns and take action, and shield your business from risk with automated compliance and audit capabilities. And right now, we are offering [...]

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How a “PURE”ly Disruptive Technology Can Help Change Your Playing Field

We participate in a dynamic world fed by an exciting industry.  The influence technology has over our lives continues to escalate.  Every so often, there is an advancement in technology that profoundly affects our lives.  Think about how the Internet has changed our everyday lives.  When is the last time you used a hard cover [...]

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