About Darren Gourley

Darren Gourley is the Vice President of Infrastructure Solutions for Sirius.

5 Key Data Storage Trends to Watch For in 2021

Trends in data storage give us insight into how the storage market is changing. Data storage systems have become a mission-critical component of enterprise IT infrastructure. Organizations will need to be prepared for the next wave of the data boom by adopting storage solutions that are agile, scalable, secure and flexible. You will hear fewer [...]

3 Benefits to Adopting a Storage as a Service Model

Like a utility bill, don’t you wish you could pay only for the storage you use? Maybe you want more flexibility to add capacity to your storage infrastructure? Many people are examining the benefits of storage as a service model, but why? The question may be, why not? The adoption of Storage as a Service [...]

Revolutionary AI: Turning Data into Decisions

What’s the secret to business transformation? Many would say analytics. What’s the secret to analytics? Harnessing the business value of your data. Is that a challenge? Yes, it is. And an adequate solution has been difficult to come by, until now. “Sirius works with top strategic partners such as Dell EMC and NVIDIA to deliver [...]

NetApp Insight 2016: What You Might Have Missed

I recently had the privilege of participating in NetApp’s Insight 2016 Las Vegas conference. With over 5,000 technical experts and industry leaders, 500 sessions and a unique hands-on lab, the conference served as a great opportunity to see solutions in action. Day 1 kicked off with NetApp CEO George Kurian’s keynote highlighting digital transformation, stating [...]

My Top 8 Takeaways from Dell EMC World

Eight-thousand people from around the world gathered in Austin, Texas last week to presumably learn how the recent formation of the world’s largest privately held technology company would impact them. They converged on the Austin Convention Center for Dell EMC World, the first major conference since Dell acquired EMC seven weeks ago for $67 billion. [...]

Look for News on the Storage Front at Dell EMC World

As the leader of infrastructure strategy for storage at Sirius, a national IT solutions integrator and a Dell Premier Plus Partner, I will be attending Dell EMC World in Austin, Texas, on Tuesday with heightened interest in news that impacts Sirius clients. Dell EMC World comes on the heels of Dell’s recent acquisition of EMC, [...]

Does Your Storage Strategy Need a Refresh?

When it comes to developing a data management strategy, IT managers need to be able to evaluate two things: buy-in costs of data management, and the rising costs of managing data incorrectly. With today’s data growth rates soaring to estimated 100 percent year over year, both IT administrators individual lines of business need a data [...]

Video: Why Consider a Software-Defined Data Center?

Software-defined storage can help clients meet today’s business demands by increasing agility, reducing management complexity, controlling costs, and providing faster delivery of automated, consistent services across the storage environment. And that means faster response to changing business needs, and the ability to realize a competitive advantage. Watch this two-minute video to learn more about software-defined [...]

Flash Boldly Goes Where No HDD Has Gone Before!

For many IT decision-makers in both the public and private sectors, flash is the new frontier for storage. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why. Flash storage consumes as little as 20 percent of the power of traditional spinning disk, yet reads as much as 100 times faster. That means lower TCO, [...]

How to Increase the Manageability and Economic Benefits of Storage Virtualization

Storage virtualization has become a mainstay in the enterprise environment, helping companies to modernize and simplify countless storage activities. However, many organizations are not fully capitalizing on its manageability and economic benefits. In fact, virtualization solves certain challenges while creating others. With this in mind, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) set out to address these issues [...]