About Chris Hoke

Chris Hoke is a Managing Director of Security Solutions at Sirius.

Ensuring Effective IoT Security

According to Gartner by 2020, one-third of successful attacks experienced by enterprises will be on data located in shadow IT resources, including shadow Internet of Things (IoT). The reality is that IT is not in control of IoT adoption. IT was outpaced by BYOD, and IoT is growing even faster. With the number of connected devices [...]

Put Up Your Dukes Before the Next Cyberattack

Cybercrime is one of the greatest threats to organizations. According to CSO, global ransomware damages costs are predicted to exceed $5 billion in 2017, and the human attack surface will reach four billion people by 2020. However, insider breaches can also wreak havoc on organizations. So, what can you do to protect your enterprise from [...]

How Vulnerable Is Payment Card Data?

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center and CyberScout, the number of U.S. data breaches tracked through the end of June hit a half-year record high of 791. If you’re accepting credit or debit cards, you need to have the proper procedures and technologies in place to protect your organization from compromise. The Payment Card [...]

Happening Now: Ransomware Attack

There has been a very aggressive global ransomware attack over the last 72 hours. The initial variant of the "WannaCry" malware is an attack against a SMB (server message block, one of the fundamental Windows domain technologies) protocol vulnerability present in many Microsoft OS's, patched by MS17-010. Microsoft issued a patch for this vulnerability in [...]