About Brad Brozek

Brad Brozek is a Business Agility Practice Manager with Sirius.

Getting Started with Hybrid Cloud Integration

Digital transformation is driving new markets and forcing IT to be more responsive than ever before. Hybrid cloud integration allows you to leverage your existing on-premise environment and gives your IT team the flexibility, scalability and security the market demands. For most organizations with on-premise endpoints, operating in a hybrid cloud architecture is a necessary [...]

What to Consider Before Launching Your API Strategy

There are numerous benefits to having an API (application program interface) strategy. Launching APIs can help businesses expose data that they wish to make available to the outside world or to select business partners. APIs can be used to rapidly construct applications, and can provide a powerful means to market a company’s product and to [...]

Accelerate Web API Effort with a Readiness Workshop

According to IT research firm Gartner, Inc., 50 percent of all business-to-business collaboration will take place through Web APIs by 2017. Is your organization ready and able to successfully embrace an API journey? Does it have the maturity to envision and embark into the API economy? In our half-day API Readiness Workshop, you will work [...]