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Anne Grahn is a Senior Communications Specialist with Sirius.

Cybersecurity Focus Areas for the New Year

The seemingly endless list of massive data breaches last year demonstrated just how critical effective cybersecurity has become. Companies in all industries are losing the battle to protect their customers’ data. As we move into 2019, it's important to remember that cybersecurity is about more than protecting information; it’s about neutralizing attacks that can literally [...]

Cyber Deception and the Path to Hacking Back

RSA Conference 2018 featured hundreds of sessions covering today’s cybersecurity issues. The theme was “Now Matters,” and among the immediate issues featured was the question of whether companies should engage in active defense, or “hacking back.” The idea of hacking back has been discussed by security researchers for over a decade. Dave Dittrich, SANS instructor [...]

7 Steps to Effective Data Classification

In today’s security landscape data protection is not just a legal necessity, it’s critical to organizational survival and profitability. Storage is cheap, and organizations have become data hoarders. One day — they think — they’ll get around to mining all of that data for something useful. But data hoarding can cause serious issues. Much of [...]

10 Tips to Improve Your IT Security Strategy

Is your organization reevaluating its security strategy for 2018? Start the year off right by assessing your security posture, and formulating a plan. Here are 10 tips to help you advance your cybersecurity strategy: 1. Know what you need to protect The first step in any IT security strategy: know what you need to protect. [...]

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