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Adam Shomaker is a Strategic Alliance Manager with Sirius.

Signs Your Data Center Is Ready for All-flash and NVMe

One of the biggest game-changers in flash storage is the recent development of the non-volatile memory express (NVMe) interface, which transfers data between a host and a target device much faster than Small Computer System Interface (SCSI). Adding NVMe to the established benefits of flash, including improved performance and lower power consumption, has made all-flash [...]

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Sirius Awarded Nutanix 2019 Global Partner of the Year

Sirius is honored to announce that we have been named Nutanix’s 2019 Global Partner of the Year. This exclusive recognition was presented earlier this month during the .NEXT Conference in Anaheim, CA, and acknowledges the strength and success of our partnership with Nutanix. This prestigious selection is the culmination of our relentless focus on our [...]

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Five Factors Driving Xaas Demands

Digital transformation is making market disruption the norm, challenging IT leaders to embrace innovation more aggressively. To this end, an increasing number of IT leaders and their organizations are looking to leverage specialty service providers to augment their organization’s IT team. From cloud services to storage and managed services, Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) is predicted to dominate [...]

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Four Things You Need to Refresh Your Data Center

So, your systems are aging and it’s time to make data center upgrades. You have the option to “rip and replace,” but this process can disrupt application availability and productivity. When it comes to making upgrades, whether physical replacements or data migrations, traditional enterprise storage solutions can be limiting in terms of having the ability [...]

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Infrastructure: Weak Link or Competitive Advantage?

The idea economy is challenging the data center to accelerate innovation and optimize every ounce of insight extracted from business operations. Data storage provides the architecture to safeguard and accelerate data transfer for real-time, enterprise-wide decision-making essential for this change. As a case in point, IDC reports that the big data and business analytics market [...]

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Hyperconvergence: What’s in it for You?

A typical data center has multiple generations of servers, operating systems, hypervisors, and storage devices—often from multiple vendors. Today’s IT administrators are charged to do more with less, drive efficiency with speed, manage risk with predictability, and—above all—to drive profit through IT. Yet external factors are taking data center complexity to new heights. Technology advances [...]

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Goodbye Multiple Interfaces, Hello Hyperconverged

Today’s IT infrastructure is the equivalent of sitting in the cockpit of a 747. You’ve got a lot of switches to learn. One wrong move, and the plane is going down. Servers, networks, storage and software – how do you manage all of that? The typical data center is equipped with multiple servers, operating systems, [...]

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Is Hyperconverged Infrastructure Right for Your Enterprise Cloud Strategy?

Over the past few years, as the term cloud has permeated every information technology company’s messaging and embedded itself within the IT lexicon, I find myself cringing every time I see this word. Aside from being the most overused marketing term in the industry today it can also be quite vague. What is cloud anyway? Simply put, [...]

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Sirius Attends Dell World 2015

Dell World is an annual event where business leaders, technologists, developers, designers and channel partners share ideas, stories and best practices that guide and inspire innovative thinking. The overall messaging at the event centered around “Digital Transformation” and “Future Ready.” Dell believes most organizations want to do business with fewer vendors and suppliers, especially as [...]

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System x Servers Continue to Set Bar for Satisfaction and Price-Performance

By maintaining high standards for quality, features and functionality while achieving the industry’s highest levels of manufacturing efficiency, Lenovo continues to offer superior value for clients with the System x server line. Budgets are not keeping pace with organizations’ escalating demands for high-performance data center infrastructure. By combining the innovative features and design characteristics of [...]

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