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Sirius AWS Outposts Solution

Sirius supports clients in highly regulated segments that want to move to the cloud but have strict latency and data security policies.

Virtual Private Cloud Network

AWS Outposts extends a client’s existing virtual private cloud (VPC) network. Extending the VPC reduces the complexity and investment required to run and maintain hybrid environments.


Our dedicated Healthcare practice allows us to offer a unique AWS Outposts experience to accommodate medical imaging and clinical diagnostics, healthcare records management and genomic sequencing, among other compelling use cases.

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Is AWS Outposts the right fit for your use case?

Low-latency Connectivity

AWS Outposts co-location is ideal for workloads that are sensitive to latency or process large amounts of data.

Local Data Processing

For applications that require very large amounts of data processing where volumes would be cost-prohibitive to transmit over AWS Direct Connect.

Security & Compliance

AWS Outposts provides enhanced security that continuously monitors, protects and validates your Outposts hardware and firmware to minimize security issues.

Consistent Experience

Maintaining a consistent API, AWS Outposts allows existing automation systems and controls to be extended into the hybrid environment.

Outposts extends AWS services so they can run locally in your data center of choice

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