Dr. Jim Rice
Vice President, Data Center Transformation Services

Dr. Jim Rice joined Sirius in 2000. He is responsible for leading a team of certified and highly experienced professionals who consult with clients to optimize and transform data center environments. His team’s services include application rationalization, IT service relocation, DC asset moves, and the resiliency of business technology. Dr. Rice and his team have consulted with clients in a variety of industries, including healthcare, financial services, insurance, higher education and retail. His goal is to improve client business efficiency and reduce enterprise risk through the application of proven solutions.

Dr. Rice has extensive experience in data center optimization, data center consolidation related to mergers and acquisitions, and business continuity/disaster recovery planning. His publications include Digital Privacy: A Conceptual Framework for Business (2016, Journal of Payments Strategy and Systems, Volume 10), Healthcare Information Technology: A Correlational Study of Governance Maturity and Patient Care Costs (2016, ProQuest), and The Healthcare Cybersecurity Challenge (2017, Academic Entrepreneur).

In addition to supporting Sirius client initiatives, Dr. Rice is also a senior research fellow at the Center for Global Business and Information Technology Research; a member of the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc. (ISC)2; a board member of the Minnesota chapter of HIMSS; a member of The Open Group; and a member of ISACA. He earned his doctorate in Organization Leadership & Information Systems Technologies, an MBA, an MAPM, a BSB/IS, and a BSEE.