Darrin Nelson
Senior Vice President of Business Development

As vice president of Software Sales, Darrin Nelson is responsible for every aspect of the Sirius Software Solution Sales business, including sales, marketing, and the profitability of the business.

Mr. Nelson’s career began at IBM’s Myers Corners Labs in Poughkeepsie, NY, where he was a software engineer developing MVS/ESA (now z/OS). Wanting more client interaction, he moved into the field as an IBM mainframe systems engineer for two years, and then a client-server consultant and TCP/IP LAN/WAN architect in 1992 and 1993.

In 1993, Mr. Nelson left IBM and joined Lotus as a systems engineer, during which time he was published in a number of industry journals such as E-Week and The View, and was awarded the IBM Summit Award for Excellence in Technical Sales. When Lotus was acquired by IBM in 1996, he went to Integrated Business Solutions International (IBSI), a professional services startup where he was a principal and chief technology officer.

After growing 1,000%, IBSI was acquired by NetSetGo in 1999, where Mr. Nelson was named general manager of that company’s Software and Services business. During Mr. Nelson’s tenure, NetSetGo won an IBM Beacon Award for Best WebSphere eBusiness Solution in 2002.

After NetSetGo was acquired, Mr. Nelson left to become vice president and principal of the Software and Services business at Strategic Computer Solutions (SCS). In that position, he led a team that was responsible for growing SCS’s IBM Software business by 4,633% over a four-year period, making it the #1 IBM Software VAR in the Northeast.

When SCS was acquired by Sirius in 2007, Mr. Nelson was named vice president of Software Sales. Under his leadership, revenues for Sirius’ software business have more than quintupled, and the company has become the largest IBM Software solutions reseller and integrator in the world. Mr. Nelson owns strategy and execution for the Sirius Software Solutions portfolio including the Sirius HyperGrowth New Practice Incubation Pods, where he leads teams that are building new solution practices critical to Sirius’ future.

Mr. Nelson holds a degree in Computer Science from Rochester Institute of Technology.