Chris Mierzwa
Chief Technology Officer & SVP

Chris Mierzwa began his career at Hewlett-Packard, working in the Semiconductor Test and Measurement Division. In 1995, he joined IBM as a sales specialist for storage and RS/6000 servers, serving clients in the entertainment, education, and state and local government sectors. In 1998, Mr. Mierzwa accepted a position as executive vice president of Sales and Marketing at Think Tank Systems, a value-added reseller start-up, which he helped build into a $40 million business.

Mr. Mierzwa joined Sirius in 2002, and has held a variety of roles in sales and presales management, business development, and product strategy. In his current role as chief technology officer, he leverages his deep technical knowledge and marketplace awareness to call on client executives, speak on behalf of Sirius at various public events, research and recommend new technology partnerships, and advise on their integration into Sirius’ various practices. He also represents Sirius on various partner, client and analyst executive councils.

A 1992 graduate of Purdue University, Mr. Mierzwa earned a dual degree in computer and electrical engineering. During his studies, he worked in the IBM Co-op program as part of their vector processor development effort for high-performance computing in their mainframe labs. After graduation, Mr. Mierzwa was awarded a full DARPA scholarship to the University of Southern California, where he earned his master’s degree in computer engineering in 1994. His research was focused in advanced computer architectures and software design.