Alex Lurix
VP of Software Solutions and Services

Alex Lurix joined Sirius in 1998 as a software consultant and later a Project Management Professional in an organization of mainly staff augmentation contracts. In 2005, when he took over management of all software services as (Managing) Director of Software Solutions and Services, there were fewer than 15 people in the department, just over $3m in services, and Sirius’ software sales organization was only beginning to take shape. Software Services soon evolved to become more project-oriented and focused on the core competencies of collaboration, commerce, and legacy modernization.

Evolving to support and align Sirius services with IBM software sales, Mr. Lurix’s department added numerous competencies including Digital Experience, Security, Business Process Management, SOA/Application Integration, DevOps, Mobile, Endpoint Management, Asset Management, and Systems Management. Adopting a strategy of diversification beyond IBM, Mr. Lurix has worked to mature the business to focus on strategic business solutions. As a result, Software Solutions and Services has competed for and won multi-year, highly visible services contracts for a wide variety of Sirius clients.

Today Mr. Lurix oversees the Security, Digital Experience and Business Agility practices, giving him direct responsibility for over $20 million in services and over $30 million in new license software sales, with more than 90 direct and indirect reports plus an offshore team in India. His aptitude for business strategy, planning and collaborative management, along with a ceaseless drive for high client satisfaction, has helped develop Software Solutions and Services into the thriving business it is today.

A Sirius Hall of Fame inductee and eight-time Summit winner, Mr. Lurix holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from Tufts University, where he was a member of the Tufts University Scholars Program. In his 20s, he studied and worked abroad in Germany, Spain and the UK. He began his career designing collaborative solutions for European customers, winning an IBM Beacon Award for one of his first major projects at age 25.