Find Your Place at Sirius Academy.

You’re graduating from college and you’re ready to take on the world. Where should you start? More importantly, where can you grow your career? If you have a strong interest in leading edge technology consulting or infrastructure architecture, have graduated from a top collegiate program and are eager to work alongside the brightest minds in the business, Sirius Academy may be the ideal place for you.

What is Sirius Academy?

Sirius Academy is more than just a job. It’s also a competitive, highly selective training program and development opportunity for campus hires into the Sirius Solutions Group.

Sirius Academy is designed to provide highly accomplished and motivated recent college graduates with the foundation of skills and tools to propel a successful career as an expert Technical Consultant. This sought after program provides on-the-job immersion-learning, real client project experience, as well as dedicated training programs, including industry acknowledged certifications.

Sirius Academy represents our commitment to professional development and promoting talent from within. By the end of this comprehensive program, you will have the foundational skills you need to continue your long-term career and success at Sirius.


What Can You Gain?


“The Academy is a fast-tracked program that exposed me to the IT industry through industry certifications, hands-on technical experiences, and consistent and relevant industry challenges. This program effectively prepared me to be an IT consultant equipped with the ability to connect, manage, and integrate relationships and technical conversations at all levels.”

Cate B., Consultant, ITC Professional Services 2.5 years @ Sirius

“The Sirius Academy gave me a forum to develop connections with highly skilled people throughout our organization and industry, and these connections have proved to be my most valuable asset in developing my skills and career to date.”

Evan S., Consultant, Security Programs & Strategy 5.5 years @ Sirius

“The Academy gave me the jump start into my career that allowed me to gain the knowledge, experience, and attitude to succeed. The Academy Program helped me to grow and have experiences that I may not have had anywhere else.”

Mike S., Consultant, ITC Professional Services 2.5 years @ Sirius

“The Academy was an excellent way to prepare for the transition from college to the professional world. The thing that impressed me the most had to be the comradery built with members of not only my class but classes that came before and after me. I felt regardless of what department someone works in or how often you reached out to someone, the door was always open if they were a part of the Academy family.”

Phil P., Cloud Support Engineer 2.5 years @ Sirius

Sirius Academy: 3 Steps Toward Real-World Success

1. Learn

Receive a well-rounded, intensive learning experience that includes both classroom and on-the-job training at our corporate headquarters and state-of-the-art data center.

2. Expand

Develop your technical portfolio by earning a number of industry-recognized certifications.

3. Enhance

Work alongside industry thought leaders and subject matter experts to enrich your professional and technical skills.