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How Zero-trust Micro-segmentation Strengthens Cybersecurity Defense

Cybersecurity is a battlefield—one that is changing fast, with mobile workforces, remote devices, and access and data everywhere. The IT landscape doesn’t look like it did even five years ago. The perimeter is less defined and larger than ever. There are more attack vectors, more vulnerabilities and more exploits than ever before. Organizations of all [...]

3 Essential Cybersecurity Strategies for 2020

One of the biggest challenges for IT security teams is trying to keep pace with the staggering number of new threats and attack surfaces. There are also an increasing number of tools and strategies recommended to handle this challenge. Cut through the complexity with these three crucial strategies for improved cybersecurity. Implement identity and access [...]

3 Cybersecurity Trends From Black Hat 2019 for Your 2020 Security Strategy

Experts presented, vendors exhibited, and decision-makers gathered. The 22nd Black Hat conference drew over 20,000 people in the Information Security industry to Las Vegas in early August. People in the InfoSec industry worldwide view this conference as the one to attend for skill-building, hearing the latest research, learning about evolutions in security, and seeing the [...]

Playing Offense in Today’s Cybersecurity Game

Prevention alone will eventually fail: just read the data breach headlines making news on a weekly—if not daily—basis. Many companies are asymmetrically focused on the defensive role and not focused enough on preparing for the inevitable. Subbing-in an offensive team has its perks. First, let’s go back to the basics: Offense: The action of attacking [...]

[New Sirius Report] Healthcare Cybersecurity Survey 2018

In 2017, nearly half of the ransomware attacks targeted healthcare organizations. Last year, the biggest healthcare data breaches came as the result of weaponized ransomware, misconfigured cloud storage buckets and, most notably, phishing emails. What does this mean for your healthcare organization? You’ll need to examine your current IT strategy in order to incorporate a [...]

Addressing Cybersecurity and the Insider Threat

With attackers routinely stealing credentials and masquerading as legitimate users, the idea that everything on the inside of an organization’s network should be trusted has become antiquated. A 2018 Insider Threat Report from Crowd Research Partners found that 90 percent of organizations feel vulnerable to insider attacks. Enabling risk factors to include too many users [...]

Cybersecurity Focus Areas for the New Year

The seemingly endless list of massive data breaches last year demonstrated just how critical effective cybersecurity has become. Companies in all industries are losing the battle to protect their customers’ data. As we move into 2019, it's important to remember that cybersecurity is about more than protecting information; it’s about neutralizing attacks that can literally [...]

Why You Need the Cybersecurity Framework & CIS Controls

As organizations expand their digital footprints the attack surface grows, and more tools are needed to address evolving threats. Consistently evaluating security controls has become critical to ensuring even the most basic security posture. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity—commonly known as the Cybersecurity Framework—and the Center [...]

Marriott Breach Highlights Need for Integrated Cybersecurity

During the first half of 2018, “mega breaches” involving one million compromised records or more entered the cybersecurity lexicon, exposing the records of more than 100 million people and threatening consumer trust. Now, as we approach the end of the year, the world’s largest hotel chain is set to shatter consumer data breach records. On [...]

Why Analytics-driven Cybersecurity?

The Golden State Warriors NBA team collects data on just about everything. In fact, its ability to pull analytics from data has played a key role in turning one of the league’s historically worst franchises into one of the most recognizable sports brands in the world. Warriors’ management has attributed some of its recent success [...]