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How Cloud-Based Contact Centers Conquer Call Overload

Cloud-based contact center solutions are one of the most effective ways to scale up contact center capacity during the COVID-19 vaccine rollout The approval of COVID-19 vaccines was cause for a lot of celebration—but it has also raised a lot of questions about the logistics of a nationwide vaccine rollout. Across the country, many organizations’ [...]

On-Prem vs. Cloud: What You Need to Know About Migrating to Azure

Gone are the days where the cloud is referenced as “becoming” an essential stepping stone in companies’ digital transformation journey. The time is already here—and it’s no longer an option. Cloud technologies are currently at the center of the digital transformation revolution, and companies that have not adopted a cloud mentality are being left behind [...]

Sirius Launches AWS Managed Services to Streamline Cloud Services

Enabling strategic deployment and management of AWS Managed Services San Antonio, TX – 13 October, 2020—Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc. (Sirius), a leading national IT solutions integrator and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner, announces the launch of Sirius Cloud Managed Services powered by AWS Managed Services (AMS). With AMS, Sirius offers clients a unique [...]

Cloud Transitional Services: Scalable Cloud Solutions When You Need Them

Let’s face it: most IT directors or company leaders didn’t have “global pandemic” in their 2020 strategic plans. Enterprises everywhere have had to shift, re-plan, and ultimately roll with the economic punches in this year of uncertainty and “what’s next?” Shifting to cloud in 2020 Arguably now more than ever, companies are cutting costs wherever [...]

Sirius Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

Enabling continued delivery of comprehensive cloud services  San Antonio, TX – 10 August, 2020—Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc. (Sirius), a leading national IT solutions integrator, was recently welcomed to the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program, and named as a Google Cloud Sell and Service partner. These enhanced partner designations enable Sirius to more fully help clients [...]

Cloud Data & Analytics

Cloud Data & Analytics Improve efficiency, mitigate risk and reduce cost with our data and analytics solutions that can be customized to meet the specific needs of our clients. Data-centric Enterprise, In The Cloud The future of the enterprise is data-centric, and the future of data is in [...]

Cloud Optimization

Cloud Optimization Developing the right cloud strategy involves identifying the right workloads, in the right location, at the right time, with the right economics. One of the top challenges our clients face is how to optimize their spend on cloud, and how the challenge of managing cloud spend can sometimes [...]

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration Our established cloud migration offerings deliver a simple, flexible path to cloud migration that can be customized to meet specific needs. Cloud migration may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Getting to the cloud seamlessly starts with the right partner. Leverage Sirius as [...]

Cloud Platforms

Cloud Platforms Sirius partners with today’s leading cloud providers to deliver custom cloud solutions using the latest cloud technology and intelligence. Cloud solutions provide a rich set of platforms and ecosystems that—when chosen and implemented effectively—can provide disruptive business advantages. Sirius goes beyond the technology and applies engaging, practical and [...]

Cloud Transitional Services

Cloud Transitional Services Adaptable, scalable solutions for the cloud delivered when you need them. It’s no secret that cloud solutions offer a valuable, comprehensive set of platforms and ecosystems that can provide significant, quantifiable business advantages. We also understand there’s a lot of factors for businesses to consider and address [...]