two puzzle pieces visually representing hub and spoke application integrationOrganizations today use hundreds of applications and a mix of new and legacy technologies to keep business running.

Integrating applications and systems with relevant data is key for creating a seamless customer experience and provides users with a common layer to monitor business activity and piece together valuable data insights.

Because they are not built to scale, dated integration solutions such as point-to-point integration models cannot keep up with the demands of enterprises that rely on a growing number of applications to perform their business processes.

Organizations can better integrate their applications and systems to achieve optimal performance by using hub-and-spoke integration. This modern approach to integration provides a scalable solution that does not sacrifice speed-to-market and is a better fit for organizations that have adopted a microservices architecture.

Hub-and-spoke integration does not suffer the same limitations as the point-to-point model and enables IT teams to build reusable services that can scale and connect enterprise applications and systems while applying enterprise standards of governance and security. Learn more about modern application integration with a hub-and-spoke model by reading our white paper.

Our Sirius integration experts are helping businesses create enterprise-grade API strategies and frameworks for connecting applications to each other within a hybrid platform. With a scalable framework in place, your organization can quickly shift to meet changing demands. Contact us to learn how your organization can use the full force of its resources to provide a seamless and quality customer experience.