Woman on a tablet presenting to her team after using Sirius Snowflake accelerator to leverage her organizations data in the most efficient way possible.While many organizations understand the business need for a data and analytics cloud platform, few can quickly modernize their legacy data warehouse due to a lack of skills, resources, and data literacy.

It is easy to get stuck in analysis paralysis when the concept and strategy to move to a data cloud can be overwhelming and daunting, especially for organizations that may not understand their long-term data and analytics needs.

One modern data platform solution that provides simplicity and flexibility to grow is Snowflake’s data cloud and platform. Snowflake enables a wide variety of workloads and applications on any cloud, including data warehouses, data lakes, data pipelines and data sharing, as well as business intelligence, data science and data analytics applications.

For organizations looking to adopt Snowflake or make their current Snowflake environment even better, Sirius can help with several Snowflake accelerators we have built.

Snowflake Accelerator Deployment Framework

Sirius has created a lightweight development tool to rapidly build and deploy best-practice data models. With our deployment framework, organizations can reduce Snowflake deployment time and cost by up to 50%. Our architects have created a standardized and governed architecture that can leverage your existing SQL skills with our industry-focused starter templates that ensure consistency and repeatability.

We have developed these best practices across dozens of clients in major industries such as retail, healthcare, financial services and manufacturing. Our templates can be customized to meet your unique business needs and are designed to help you improve control and maintain flexibility with your data. These Snowflake accelerators reduce the time to analytics for your users at all levels so you can make data-driven decisions faster.

Security Data Lake

As the amount of data ingested into the cloud increases, so does the potential that a security threat will occur. We leverage the power of Snowflake to advance the correlation of events as you scale data ingestion. Our Security Data Lake, powered by Hunters.ai, Snowflake and Cribl, can help you reduce the cost of your existing SIEM platforms. We leverage a trusted data lake architecture to collect and analyze logs from across your entire attack surface. Learn more about our Security Data Lake Solution.

Snowflake Health Check

For organizations already leveraging and investing in Snowflake’s Data Cloud, we can help to improve the health of your Snowflake environment. We will give you actionable feedback around:

  • Role-based access control, security, access levels, and governance
  • Your consumption and query performance
  • Workload discovery
  • Optimizing Snowflake functionality
  • Use case priority and workload identifications
  • Cost reduction and best business practices
  • Overall data architecture and strategy

Whether you are building out a proof of concept, an enterprise data warehouse or security data lake, or are focused on data science, collaboration, and data applications, we can help. Our Snowflake experts are ready to help you leverage your data in the most efficient way possible using our Snowflake accelerators.

Learn more about our Snowflake Data Cloud services and contact us for a complimentary assessment of your Snowflake environment or data and analytics architecture.