The Client

C&R Software

Headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, C&R Software has been a trusted collections partner to hundreds of major blue-chip companies for over 40 years. Their goal is to streamline collections and recovery for organizations in ways that help consumers experiencing financial difficulties return to well-being.

The Challenge

After splitting off from their parent company, C&R Software required a new environment to host their services. This new environment needed to be deployed in a short timeline to meet contractual obligations while also maintaining the high level of security that was integral to the company culture.

The Solution

Sirius, in conjunction with AWS Professional Services (AWS Proserve) and Amazon Managed Services (AMS), provided the foundational environment, processes, and DevOps know-how to migrate critical services to the new environment with no loss of security. By partnering with AWS Proserve and AMS, Sirius was able to help deploy resources around the world in a secured, compliant account structure with no loss of business availability.

The Benefits

  • Staff growth cost avoidance and security-controlled environment.
  • The new AMS landing zones provide a significant advantage to respond to future growth while maintaining strict security standards.
  • C&R Staff can focus on meeting customer needs while Sirius and AMS maintain infrastructure to meet requirements.

The Journey to the Cloud

When C&R Software began their journey into the cloud, they realized they needed the help of trusted partners to make sure they could realize their required outcomes.

Initially partnering with AWS Proserve and AMS, C&R required additional assistance to meet quickly approaching deadlines and brought in Sirius to supplement and eventually take over development for the deployment of the infrastructure necessary to serve customers after migration out of existing datacenters. Sirius was selected after interviewing with the customer and showing strong skills in both AWS and automation development. After partnering for months, C&R brought Sirius in as a managed services partner for their AMS environment and to assist with database migrations.

The Results

  • The work included completing the deployment of the cloud foundation with AMS and developing customized scripts to automate the deployment of customer environments.
  • Sirius migrated development, testing, quality assurance, and production environments to AMS over the course of 5 months.
  • Sirius continues to provide day-to-day and development support, allowing C&R to continue to grow and thrive by focusing on their core business.