The Client­­­­

Birdi, Inc.

Birdi provides their customers with low-cost prescription drugs with free and flexible delivery options as well as expert assistance. The company’s mission is to improve the pharmacy experience for everyone, and they work to simplify the management of health insurance, find the best medication prices, choose delivery options, and track orders.

The Challenge

After a recent divestiture from a parent company, Birdi needed a separate environment to host its Amazon Web Services (AWS) tools and applications. This new environment needed to deploy quickly to meet deadlines and be provisioned in a manner that would help Birdi to meet security requirements.

The Solution

Working with Amazon Managed Services (AMS), Sirius created the client’s new foundational environment, processes, and AWS experience to deploy the required services to the new environment—all while ensuring compliance and security requirements were met. By partnering with AMS, Sirius was able to help deploy resources in a secured, compliant account structure quickly and efficiently.

The Benefits

  • The new AMS landing zones allow for scalability to respond to future growth needs while maintaining strict security standards.
  • IT resources at Birdi are freed up from maintenance associated with their AWS cloud resources and/or environment.
  • Birdi IT resources can focus on more strategic endeavors such as enhancements that improve the customer experience, while Sirius and AMS focus on maintaining their infrastructure to meet all the client’s requirements.

The Journey to the Cloud

When Birdi underwent a divesture from their former parent company they needed their own cloud resources. They needed the help of a trusted partner to make sure their AWS cloud services could be managed and that they could continue to realize their required outcomes for operational excellence, scalability, and security.

As their parent company had previously engaged with Sirius to manage all of their AWS resources, Birdi sought out Sirius to help them meet their goals on a tight deadline. Sirius helped the client deploy a new cloud foundation and then migrate AWS resources from the parent AWS organization to the new organization dedicated to Birdi. Sirius continues to provide on-demand engineering support and end-to-end management of Birdi’s AWS environment to reduce their need for internal and AWS resources to support their environment.

The Results

  • The work included completing the deployment of the cloud foundation with AMS.
  • Sirius migrated existing AWS accounts and services from the parent AWS environment to the dedicated Birdi environment quickly and efficiently.
  • Sirius continues to provide day-to-day engineering and operational support—allowing Birdi IT resources to focus on strategic initiatives rather than the day-to-day operational challenges required to manage an AWS environment.

About Sirius

Sirius, a CDW company, is a full-service cloud, hosting, and managed services provider committed to helping organizations in their transformational journey from legacy IT to future-state IT. With a dedicated AWS practice consisting of certified cloud consultants and technologists, Sirius applies engaging, practical, and proven methodologies to ensure that organizations achieve their cloud goals. Our team of certified experts can also provide clients a full-service life cycle of cloud offerings from plan and design to operational transition.