Sirius security white glove trials on AWSWhile cybersecurity is now a top priority for company IT budgets, you also need to ensure that any security solution you choose will be both cost-effective and in alignment with your business goals before making this major strategic investment.

When it’s an option, “Try before you buy” almost always leads to better purchasing decisions. This is especially true for security solutions, so Sirius is now offering our White Glove Trials for two Cisco Security solutions on the AWS Marketplace!

Secure Access by Duo

Secure Access by Duo is a core element of Cisco’s comprehensive zero-trust security approach. Mitigate your ransomware exposure and start or augment your zero-trust journey by integrating Cisco Secure Access by Duo.

Secure Cloud Analytics

The Secure Cloud Analytics (formerly Stealthwatch) System uses sophisticated behavioral analytics to transform data from existing infrastructure into actionable intelligence for improved network visibility and security and accelerated incident response.

Why Sirius and the AWS Marketplace?

For both existing and new AWS Marketplace buyers, procuring our free White Glove Cisco Security Trials through the marketplace makes it easier for your organization to quickly test and deploy these Cisco Security solutions. The AWS Marketplace lets you take advantage of purchasing power through AWS, as well as inherent benefits like access to pricing options that give you the flexibility to test software, pay as you go, negotiate custom terms, and realize additional savings with long-term commitments—all while aligning with your policies and compliance requirements.

Sirius leverages our broad expertise across the enterprise as a leading technology integrator to provide a comprehensive approach to optimizing your security posture. We consider the full scope of your security program to help you manage, optimize, secure and transform your business.

The White Glove treatment

When you start your trial with Sirius, you get a fully guided, concierge-style trial experience led by Sirius Cisco solution experts. We work with your team to tailor the trial to your desired outcomes in alignment with the needs of your business. What’s included in the White Glove treatment?

  1. Scoping session: Your White Glove Trial starts with a meeting with Sirius experts to understand your goals so that your trial experience is aligned to help you achieve them.
  2. Installation and provisioning: Sirius provisions your trial to coordinate with the outcomes identified during the initial White Gloves Trial meeting.
  3. Team trial enablement: Sirius conducts a workshop (up to three hours) to familiarize your team with the features and capabilities of the trialed solution.
  4. Progress review: Sirius engages with you throughout the trial period to keep the trial on schedule, answer your questions, and to help you measure and manage the success of the trial.
  5. Performance evaluation: At the end of your trial, your Sirius team will meet with you to review and evaluate the performance of the trialed solution. We will work with you on next steps, whether you choose to implement the solution or move in a different direction.

Your better technology trial experience awaits

Ready to leverage Sirius’ world-class skills and proven methodology in your Cisco Duo or Secure Cloud Analytics trial? Get started on AWS Marketplace.