Often companies ask us, when does VMware Cloud (VMC) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) make sense? There are several compelling business factors that drive this solution for many clients which we’ll discuss, but the reality is that it is not a technical driver, it is a business driver. Taking advantage of the cloud in native formats requires an organization to make culture changes in how its IT is conducted and to its governance model.

VMware allows you to manage that change in a more predictable model which enables a transition to cloud-based computing in a way that enhances operations and doesn’t destroy it. VMC on AWS allows organizations to leverage cloud in incremental steps without a big bang approach.

Let’s break down when VMC on AWS makes sense:

  • Sunk Costs: Many organizations have well-established VMware environments with scripting, controls, and financial policies. Few clients are in a situation where they can instantly realign their cost structure in a move to cloud. VMC on AWS allows you to leverage your existing capacity while taking advantage of cloud capabilities.
  • Agility: Why does a client want to use AWS in the first place? Their reasoning is often due to speed, the ability to spin up new instances and remove them without the time it takes to source new hardware, additional connections and insert them in data centers which are increasingly overloaded.
  • Scalability: AWS gives you the capability to scale both up and down at an accelerated rate. However, VMC allows you to do it without building new organizational functions, capabilities, or standard operating procedures.
  • Staffing: Most clients are finding it hard to find qualified candidates and existing staff are often at capacity. VMC on AWS allows you to leverage your existing skills with limited impact in training and development.
  • New Capabilities & Services: VMC on AWS allows you to integrate multiple AWS services but also add services like disaster recovery (DR) to the cloud.

VMC on AWS allows any organization to leverage existing patterns and skills in the move towards cloud computing.

So why does this matter? Practically any cloud journey takes time. There is no magic snap of the finger to be in cloud. Getting a particular application to the cloud natively is feasible, however, to move large workloads, and not add additional skill sets to staff, requires time.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. VMC on AWS allows you to establish a landing zone in the cloud and move workloads over time which provides the capability of due diligence and ask yourself:

  • Should this workload run in the cloud?
  • What is the business value?
  • What is the underlying cost structure?

VMC allows you to control the timeline of your cloud journey and enable executive decision-making so your journey can be as granular as required.

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