cloud managed services for it resource attrition illustrationIn our thought leadership article, Mitigate Talent-Drain and Free Your IT Staff With a Cloud MSP, we walked you through the ways that a cloud managed services provider (MSP) can mitigate talent drain and help your business realize the true benefits of cloud. Now let’s talk about how an MSP can help you manage any disruption caused by IT resource attrition.

The best way to mitigate IT resource attrition is to rely on your cloud managed services provider’s talent

If the thought of transitioning from a small, in-house group of high-cost individuals to a huge group of highly skilled individuals on a global scale appeals to you, Sirius and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have teamed up for a unique solution worth considering.

Unlike other public cloud providers, AWS also offers its own Amazon Managed Services (AMS). In other words, the owners of the means of production—in this case, the same people who made computing a utility—are also providing a platform that relieves clients of the burden of managing cloud operations. By offering unmatched expertise in the platform, AMS minimizes the kinds of disruption clients experience with talent drain. The benefits of AMS include:

  1. The best service-level agreements: Nobody in the industry can match AMS service-level agreements (SLAs) because no other MSP has direct control of the resources. With AMS, it’s possible to get SLAs as tight as a 15-minute response and 4-hour resolution. These are not just loosely enforced service level objectives, but actual SLAs that generate reimbursement credits automatically if they were exceeded.
  2. Competitive pricing: The price for AMS is the most competitive in the industry.
  3. A flexible contract model: Using AMS does not require long-term contracts. Clients consume services just as if they were EC2 or S3, paying only for what they use and resuming their own management if they no longer want the service. This kind of pricing and contract model gives companies all the benefits of AMS while they develop and build their own organic skills, since there is no time commitment.

But there is even more value than that in a Sirius-AMS engagement.

Why Sirius Cloud Managed Services Powered by AMS?

The reason AMS is so reliable, scalable and secure is that AMS will only manage AWS-native functions that are amenable to standardization, automation, and the application of artificial intelligence. If AMS is assuming responsibility for everything but your data, they want the system to be perfect.

Currently, AMS manages about one-third of AWS-native services. This is where the AMS relationship with Sirius becomes very important to clients. Sirius manages native AWS services not yet in the AMS catalog—as well as any non-native AWS services that are running in AWS—on the same terms and with the same experience delivered by AMS. In other words, Sirius and AMS operate as one unified team where alerting, monitoring, resolution, cost and terms are identical.

This situation provides more value for clients because AWS (and AMS) moves fast. As it brings additional native services under management, workloads can move transparently from Sirius to AMS. AMS will always operate the most commoditized services and move management up the stack, while Sirius does higher-stack management and moves work to AMS over time as they are able to apply their model.

Keep your business secure with Sirius and Check Point

As a leading Check Point 4-Star partner, Sirius is uniquely positioned to help you leverage Check Point solutions to consolidate your cyber security efforts across the networks, clouds, and mobile environments. Our national team of experts holds numerous Check Point technical certifications and includes multiple Check Point Certified Security Experts. When you leverage Sirius, we can help to ensure compliance and security best practices, continuous monitoring and alerting, and detection of potential security threats.


  • Security and posture management, and threat prevention and posture management
  • Automated DevSecOps Multi-cloud security from DevOps to production
  • Unified security for multi-cloud with visibility, intelligence, and threat prevention under one platform

Work with Sirius to mitigate disruption caused by IT resource attrition

Because of the distribution of labor, Sirius can retain the capacity to deliver professional project services on demand. Clients can engage Sirius for everything from virtual staff augmentation, design and AWS migration, to full management of AWS environments with an improved operating model. This means that clients not only mitigate the risk of talent drain on operations, but that they can accelerate projects at any time, get professional security help whenever needed, and avoid hiring for transient business demands.

Sirius Cloud Managed Services Powered by AMS is a unique offering that not only mitigates talent-drain issues, but also frees up your IT staff to advance your business by giving you options the way the public cloud was designed to deliver them—on demand, metered, scalable, and secure.