data modernizationData volumes are growing exponentially, and traditional, on-premises data warehouses are constrained, overly complex, and costly to scale.

Companies feel locked into these systems as they are often tied to business-critical operations. Cloud-based solutions are promising, but some organizations are reluctant to migrate from legacy systems because it could result in costly downtime and many unknown data architecture and migration issues.

One way to reduce downtime is to utilize data virtualization, a logical data layer that integrates all enterprise data siloed across an organization’s disparate systems, manages the unified data for centralized security and governance, and delivers it to business users in real time. This enables organizations to connect to any data source and combine any type of data. The user can then consume the data through reports, web applications, mobile apps, or a data platform of their choice.

One example of using data virtualization with a data platform would be to use Denodo, a leading data virtualization provider, with Snowflake, a platform that enables a wide variety of workloads and applications on any cloud, including data warehouses, data lakes, data pipelines and data sharing, as well as business intelligence, data science, and data analytics applications.

Snowflake elastically scales the compute resources dedicated to each workload to preserve peak performance and reduce costs. It enables the instant and secure sharing of governed data across an organization and with external partners, without the need to copy or move data.

The Denodo platform establishes a data virtualization layer that sits between data consumers and myriad disparate data sources, providing real-time, unified views across the different sources.

Working together, Denodo and Snowflake comprise a joint solution called the Cloud Data Warehouse Accelerator, which enables companies to migrate from legacy on-premises systems to Snowflake without any downtime or interruption to business operations by abstracting the complexities of access from an organization’s data users.

The Accelerator provides the foundation for implementing a logical data warehouse that can provide real-time data access across on-premises data warehouses, cloud-based sources, and multi-cloud configurations. Users and consuming applications do not need to know where the data resides, even if the location changes on its way to Snowflake; they simply interface with the abstraction layer, which furnishes an executable view of the data. In this way, the Cloud Data Warehouse Accelerator enables a seamless transition to Snowflake.

With Denodo and Snowflake, organizations can:

  • Migrate to Snowflake from legacy on-premises sources or from another cloud source, with zero downtime
  • Mitigate risks with a seamless cloud migration
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership of the data infrastructure
  • Build the foundation for a logical data warehouse or logical data lake
  • Maintain one consistent business data model across all consumers and reporting tools
  • Reuse analytical objects across multiple tools and consuming applications
  • Provide exceptional services and expertise in architecture, implementation, migration and solution optimization

Are you interested in building a modern data platform with Denodo and Snowflake? Sirius can help you bring it all together to help you tap into the value of your data. Our Data and Analytics team provides industry-leading consulting services that utilize proven technologies to help you modernize your data and analytics ecosystems so you can meet the current and future demands of business. Contact us to learn more.