Data security is foundational to your organization’s security posture and operational resilience. A proactive data security approach drives better success in protecting your critical assets and brand trust.

You now have an extended arsenal of tools to call on in your quest for better data security. IBM Security Guardium Insights is now available on IBM Cloud Pak for Security.

Expanded availability of Guardium data

Guardium Insights improves the understanding and context of IBM Security Guardium Data Protection (GDP) activity. By adding Guardium Insights to IBM Cloud Pak for Security, users can directly feed their GDP data into Cloud Pak for Security. This provides near-real-time data activity monitoring and protection capabilities for Database as a Service (DBaaS) sources, such as AWS Kinesis and Azure Event Hubs.

Cloud Pak for Security is an open platform for connecting and centralizing data from multiple sources, including IBM solutions, on-premises, private or public cloud, or third-party tools. GDP is a leading data security platform for databases and data warehouses. Aligning these solutions helps to enhance visibility and protection while also streamlining operations.

Better together

Guardium Insights for Cloud Pak for Security enables improved visibility into user data activity and risk while also giving your team more flexibility to scale and shift with your data sources. Data in multicloud and hybrid environments is protected, and operational costs are optimized.

  • Industries like healthcare and financial services that must securely store and retain large amounts of data activity for long periods to meet stringent compliance requirements can benefit from this alliance. IBM reports that compliance is accelerated, and the time your teams spend on audit prep and performance can be reduced by up to 75%.
  • Visibility is one of the most important and most challenging aspects of security in a digitally transformed organization. Guardium Insights for Cloud Pak for Security takes a step forward in giving organizations the centralized visibility needed to identify data risks faster and to easily share insights across teams. Seeing more and acting faster are keys to reducing your risk of a data breach.
  • As more data and operations move to the cloud, organizations need data security that shifts with their data. Guardium Insights is built on a lightweight, containerized architecture that deploys easily wherever needed.

Additional benefits include:

  • SaaS-enabled; you no longer need your own OpenShift environment
  • Advanced analytics
  • Centralized monitoring
  • Automated workflows and long-term data storage
  • Integration with other mission-critical tools
  • Out-of-the-box reporting provides fast insight

Leverage IBM expertise across your enterprise

Your investment in IBM solutions delivers best-of-class capabilities. Extending these capabilities to data security with IBM Security Guardium Insights for IBM Cloud Pak for Security helps give your team a robust view of your organization’s data security and compliance landscape, while also consolidating your data security tools and functions.

Sirius is an IBM Platinum Business Partner and we have deep experience across the IBM and IBM Security solution portfolios. Our team of IBM experts can help you evaluate and roadmap your path to improved data security by optimizing your existing IBM solutions and implementing new solutions across the enterprise.

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