The past year has been tough on IT security teams. A perfect storm of surging attacks during the pandemic coupled with the increasingly bleak cybersecurity skills shortage has left IT teams feeling “outnumbered,” according to a CNBC report. The need to quickly enable and manage the newly-remote workforce has caused almost half of the IT workers surveyed to be shifted from their previous security tasks— while reports indicate a 63% rise in attacks as cybercriminals took advantage of the shift.

The shortage of skilled IT workers has been plaguing the industry for several years. With a 0% unemployment rate and endless opportunities, the (ISC)2 leadership recently posted that they estimate that 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs will go unfilled globally in the coming years.

The right expertise for the right time, right when you need it

Sirius is a leader in providing managed services, ranking #1 on Channel Future’s MSP 501/NextGen 101. The Sirius Managed Services team provides managed security services for intensive involvement and long-term solutions, as well as Sirius OneTouch services for Tier 1 and 2 first-call support. Both solutions solidly fill security support needs for our clients.

But what if your support use case falls somewhere in between? The following use cases need a different solution:

  • Deeper cybersecurity expertise is needed to support a strong security team that is handling most of the day-to-day challenges.
  • A challenging project is on the horizon, but there isn’t budget to hire a full-time security resource with the necessary skills.
  • A talent resource is lost and there is a need to bridge the security skills gap created as efforts are underway to fill the position.
  • The security team needs to be unburdened from routine tasks so they can focus on specific security activities.

Staff augmentation for evolving security challenges

There is somewhere to turn when you need deeper security expertise—for a few hours, a few weeks, or a specific project. The Sirius Security Expertise as a Service (SEaaS) solution provides the security expertise you need, when you need it, and for as long as you need it.

Our SEaaS offerings are available in pre-packaged formats that provide varying skill levels and flexible availability to align with your requirements. Dedicated SEaaS provides designated resources for longer periods, and Flextime SEaaS offers several weekly support options for shorter terms.

We currently offer SEaaS for these top-tier security solutions and will add more in the future.

Security skills gap partners for Sirius SEaaS

Dedicated SEaaS

For ongoing support, Dedicated SEaaS provides a named resource who works under your direction. This resource is either weekly or full-time for a six- or 12-month contract.

  • Three available skill levels:
    • Engineer
    • Sr. Engineer
    • Architect/Specialized Engineer
  • Full-time offering provides for a named resource for a six- or 12-month contract
  • Weekly scheduled offering provides for a one- or two-week period (40 hours per week) each month of the contract
  • Rates align with skill level, and are discounted for longer-term contracts
  • Ideal for ongoing support for special projects and deeper operational tasks, this named resource works under your direction for a predetermined schedule

Flextime SEaaS

For shorter-duration needs, Flextime SEaaS focuses on supplementing your current resources. Weekly support uses a block of on-demand hours to access our deep bench of skilled security talent.

  • Three options for support:
    • Tier 1: Security engineer support available on-demand averaging eight hours per week
    • Tier 2: Security engineer support available on-demand averaging 16 hours per week
    • Tier 3: Two security engineers available on-demand, each averaging eight hours per week
  • Selected tier support is available for either six- or 12-month contracts
  • Ideal for shorter-duration needs, your contracted hours provide access to our deep bench of skilled security talent

A stronger security team with Sirius SEaaS

The high demand for security expertise means that even the most well-funded IT departments grapple with attracting and retaining the talent they need. Most organizations cannot afford to maintain the level of security resources needed to meet today’s cybersecurity challenges.

Sirius SEaaS provides the resources you need to maintain a strong security posture even in the face of budget constraints, staffing resources, and overburdened IT teams. You can learn more and get connected with our SEaaS team here.

You can also reach out to your Sirius representative to work with us to determine which SEaaS solution works best for your needs. The support you need will be available in just days.