Sirius Security is a dedicated practice within a $3.7-billion nationwide solutions integrator with global reach. We have nearly 20 years of experience helping organizations across the Sirius client spectrum to mature their security programs. Sirius Security helps them reduce risk, streamline and improve operations, and take a forward-leaning approach with proactive prevention, detection and response that keeps pace with threats. With our acquisition of Forsythe in 2018, Sirius vaulted to the top ranks of security solution providers and our dedicated Security practice now contributes over $850 million to our annual revenue.

Our extensive security vendor partnerships give us access to both leading and emerging security technologies. These allow us to take a vendor-neutral stance to help clients consider, compare, test and select the right solution for their environment, requirements and desired business outcomes.

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Add our strengths to your security strategy

The evolving cybersecurity landscape includes an increasing number of technologies, regulations and threats that strain even the largest organizations and the most robust resources.

Advancing your security posture requires effectively managing these common challenges:

  • Shifting compliance and threat landscape
  • Augmenting staff resources and skills
  • Measuring security effectiveness
  • Protecting critical data assets
  • Maintaining situational awareness

Choosing a security provider is an important decision. There are a variety of choices you can make, from security-only firms to engaging multiple vendors. The right choice for your organization is the one that aligns with your business objectives to help you make security decisions in a fast-paced industry.

Say yes to better security

Positioning your organization to leverage changing technologies amplifies your agility and improves your competitive stance. Sirius Security helps our clients achieve this by focusing on the fundamental elements of an effective security program. By approaching these fundamentals with an enterprise-wide perspective, we help clients align the goals of their security program with the goals of their organization. Our methodology helps to future-proof your security strategy and architecture so that business innovation and transformation are at the forefront.

Sirius Security provides solutions, processes, assessments, consultation and services to enable our clients to answer yes to these vital questions:

  • Do you know where your sensitive data is?
  • Do you know who your adversaries are, and what they’re after?
  • Do you have the tools and staff in place to respond to a targeted attack?
  • Do you continuously assess security internally and throughout your supply chain?
  • Can you quickly return to normal operations and minimize damage in the event of a breach?

A comprehensive approach to security

Security technologies, opportunities and risk create an ever-changing cybersecurity landscape. That’s why the experts of Sirius Security continually advance their certifications, knowledge and skillsets. We provide a deep portfolio of solutions from hundreds of partners to align with our clients’ unique needs, budgets and circumstances.

Because the right answer is not necessarily another tool, we take a consultative approach. Each client is on a different journey to advance their security program, so our professional service offerings align with that journey and these core pillars of a strong security program.

  • Infrastructure Security
  • Data & Application
  • Intelligence & Analytics
  • Threat & Vulnerability Management
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Program Strategy & Operations

Sampling of Sirius Security Professional Services

Architecture Reviews Program Assessments Roadmap & Strategy Development Program Implementation Managed Security Services
Configuration Reviews Architecture Assessments Program, Process & Risk Plan Development Solution Design & Deployment Security Expertise as a Service (SEaaS)
Discovery Workshops Vulnerability Assessments & Testing Solution Evaluation, POCs
& Bake-Offs
Model Alignment & Implementation Optimization & Validation

Advance your cybersecurity posture with Sirius Security

Advancing your security program and optimizing your overall IT risk management strategy helps to protect your data, your intellectual property, and your brand. Protecting your organization from the dynamic risk of a modern, digital world is an everyday concern.

Sirius Security and our 150+ security experts are here to help you build an effective security program to counteract those risks, reduce your vulnerabilities and securely innovate for the future. Reach out to your Sirius representative or contact us today to get started.