Application modernization is the process of improving legacy applications or building entirely new ones, to enable your business to better serve customer needs, explore innovative initiatives, or gain a competitive edge.

Having a strategy for modernizing your applications can help you optimize existing investments, reduce maintenance costs, and prepare you for introducing cloud-native technologies.

When you modernize existing enterprise applications, you can ease your transition to a hybrid cloud environment, which inherently provides more scalability and flexibility.

Many assume that replacing a legacy application is the only option, but there are often different approaches to help you optimize the app, including rehosting on another infrastructure, replatforming, refactoring the code, rebuilding it from scratch, and more.

Application modernization can be complex, but there are some key steps to follow which can make it easier. I go into greater depth on the subject in my recent article, 10 Ways to Optimize Your Application Modernization Strategy.

To learn more about the benefits of application modernization, you can also watch our on-demand webinar, The Future of App Modernization.


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