The cost of software licenses often represents a large part of a company’s budget and can be overwhelming to manage as your business grows.

Tracking how much software you own and who is using it, your renewal schedules and pricing—along with the fine print that no one reads—is a lot to manage on your own. As software audits become more common, it pays off to have a software asset management (SAM) strategy at your organization.

SAM is the people, policy, process and technology to manage assets efficiently across an organization and maintain compliance to contracts, regulations and industry standards. SAM is knowing what and how much software you have purchased, who purchased it, where it should be deployed and who is using it, in order to control costs and mitigate risks.

A software asset management strategy can help you:

  • Control costs, risk and complexity
  • Eliminate any duplicate software or unnecessary services
  • Get more mileage out of your licenses
  • Ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the license agreement
  • Better manage vendor relationships

Non-compliance can result in unexpected fees, which can be significant. It also disrupts your business and can be time-consuming, which is why it may be worth it for you to work with a software auditing expert.

Sirius SAM services can improve compliance and lower license costs by:

  • Baselining, optimizing and managing your licenses from major software publishers including IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and others.
  • Providing assistance in responding to software audits and software license renewals.
  • Providing assessment, roadmap, selection and implementation of SAM technologies.

SAM is just one part of Sirius’ application management services, including dependency mapping, asset life cycle management, rationalization, and placement services.

We have proven practices to ensure that you successfully manage all aspects of your application portfolio. Take control of your software licenses today, with SAM services from Sirius.