Your old perimeter was static—bounded by network devices and a determined physical location. Your new perimeter is elastic and defined by devices. And they are moving faster and farther than ever before. Keeping pace with this digital transformation is necessary to reduce risk to your organization.

As the volume and diversity of endpoints increase, identifying, locating and managing all devices accessing your network is becoming harder and yet more essential for controlling risks and vulnerabilities. Here are three of the most common challenges to securing your dynamic enterprise starting at your endpoints.

Challenge #1: Scale and complexity

As digital transformation gains speed, IT teams are asked to track and secure workloads and devices of all kinds across vast networks spanning branch offices, remote users and IoT device locations. For most organizations, more tools and IT headcount aren’t the answer. Their environment has become a patchwork of different processes, solutions and organizational silos, and this layering introduces more complexity that compounds the problem.

You have to establish good endpoint hygiene practices, that include continuous identification and remediation of risks in your environment. Consistent endpoint hygiene helps prevent breaches, outages and disruptions that can impact your business. Best practices for endpoint hygiene include continual discovery and management of your assets, including those that are offline. Perform compliance and risk validation in real time to monitor configuration drift. A solid patch management plan is also necessary to reduce risk and ensure that the “front door” hasn’t been left open.

Challenge #2: Visibility and costs

Inefficient legacy tools and processes have been layered over time in many enterprises. For most organizations, these legacy tools lack the necessary speed to meet their digital business initiatives. This piecemeal process has also increased the cost and complexity of managing and securing endpoints and the many added endpoint agents.

You have to consolidate unneeded endpoint tools so that you can reduce your tool stack and the associated costs. By discovering the underutilization of tools, you can reclaim them and increase performance. Proactive monitoring and resolution of end-user performance issues will also lessen the burden on your IT resources.

Challenge #3: Cloud integration

Leveraging cloud computing and storage offers distinct advantages to an organization. But the speed at which new applications and devices can be added makes it difficult for operations to maintain control efficiently and effectively.

You have to implement cloud integrity solutions and processes. Seamless integration with cloud endpoints is not assured for your point solutions, and incompatible integration can lead to risky blind spots in your visibility, delaying remediation efforts. Cloud migration is not a one-time activity. It is a rapid, recurring process and needs to be addressed with practices that keep pace. Maintaining cloud integrity involves gaining full visibility and control for all assets across your organization, including those endpoints in cloud IaaS providers.

If more tools and staff aren’t the answer, what is?

What if there were a way to use endpoint decentralization and scale to your advantage? What if you could consolidate tools, improve security across your organization, and close the gaps between your operations and security teams?

Now you can.

Sirius has partnered with Tanium to help you take on the challenges of managing and securing your dynamic environment with real-time visibility, effective control, and rapid response. Tanium offers a plug-and-play, modular architecture that provides the flexibility and scale to consolidate endpoint management and control.

With Tanium, you can improve your endpoint hygiene, optimize your endpoints and maintain cloud integrity. Now you can see, control and respond to events on endpoints anywhere—all from a single platform.

  • Discover and manage assets, including IoT devices
  • Gain full visibility and protection for endpoints across your enterprise
  • Scan and identify risks
  • Update applications and patch operating systems
  • Reclaim underutilized assets and reduce IT support needs

Leverage Tanium from Sirius and save

Sirius can help you leverage the Tanium platform to reduce complexity in your endpoint solutions, improve effectiveness and efficiency, and close the gap between your operations and security teams. You can learn more here.

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