Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can lead to great business value and synergies across strategic services, competitive position, financials, operations, and geographic footprint. Yet for all their potential upside, the full benefits aren’t always achieved, often due to technology complexity, risk, cybersecurity, and execution throughout the M&A life cycle.

Technology can be one of the most challenging aspects of mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, and if not executed properly, can adversely affect an institution’s customer base and retention, products and services, cost structure, governance and controls, and regulatory compliance.

Attention to technology is a critical part of M&A

From due diligence through integration or separation, expert guidance is required to ensure that technology factors are addressed. The best possible solutions must be chosen for the combined or divested organizations, and the complex process of integrating or separating them must be managed by individuals who have the industry, organizational, process, and technical expertise to shepherd the process through a successful conclusion. In the event of a sale or purchase by a private equity firm, independent expertise is required to provide an honest, accurate picture of the risks associated with the target company’s existing technology assets, to avoid costly surprises after the deal is closed.

A focus on M&A technology, from a partner that specializes in technology

Sirius has a dedicated M&A Services program that helps clients maximize value and synergies and stay within budgets and timelines throughout the M&A life cycle, while minimizing potential adverse impact on customers and operations.

Sirius M&A Services has a long history of helping clients through the process of acquiring, merging with or divesting of other entities. Sirius consultants can also engage with clients to help complete the integration process after it’s been started, or assist in integrating multiple prior acquisitions that have not yet been integrated.

Sirius M&A Services offers corporations, buy- and sell-side private equity firms and other involved parties:

  • Experienced M&A consultants with backgrounds in leadership, strategy, organization, communication, cybersecurity, risk, financials, optimization and integration
  • Mature, repeatable and customizable M&A methodologies and playbooks
  • Unmatched expertise and a deep understanding of integration complexities, interdependencies and synergies
  • Industry-leading practices related to digital, applications, data, operations, infrastructure, cybersecurity and risk
  • A clear, objective view into risk and financials

For more information about Sirius M&A Services, speak with your Sirius representative or contact us to set up a meeting with one of our senior M&A consultants.