IBM FlashSystem 5200

IBM FlashSystem 5200 | Image courtesy of IBM

On February 9, IBM introduced a new FlashSystem family of entry-level, all-flash storage systems with full enterprise capabilities and full container support.

Minimize cost, maximize efficiency

The IBM FlashSystem 5200 is a compact, end-to-end NVMe platform that delivers the full capabilities of IBM FlashCore modules, storage-class memory and IBM Spectrum Virtualize for the entry-level enterprise at an affordable price. Replacing the IBM FlashSystem 5100, the FlashSystem 5200 delivers up to 1.7PB of storage capacity in a compact, 1U chassis supporting 40% greater throughput than its predecessor.

FlashSystem 5200 systems are virtualized, all-flash, software-defined storage solutions that offer end-to-end NVMe connectivity, six-nines uptime, and new HyperSwap functionality providing 100% availability. Combining high performance with affordability, just three NVMe FlashCore modules deliver the same performance as 24 SAS SSDs.

IBM also announced two additional models to their FlashSystem 5000 product family: the FlashSystem 5015 and 5035. These entry-level all-flash and hybrid arrays deliver improved functionality and performance while minimizing costs.

Multicloud, virtualization and containerization ready out of the box

The new FlashSystem additions include multicloud capabilities out of the box, allowing organizations to host their storage wherever they need it, on-prem, off-prem or in the cloud. Transparent data migration makes it easier than ever move data between on-prem, off-prem, and between clouds. It even gives administrators the option to build a private cloud with the ability to start small and grow as business needs change.

The entire FlashSystem portfolio supports IBM-owned Red Hat OpenShift container storage, Ansible automation, and Kubernetes. Cloud-based IBM Storage Insights is included at no charge and provides a single dashboard that allows administrators to proactively monitor and optimize all block storage, providing visibility across complex storage environments. Management tools are intuitive as well, featuring a simplified, web-based GUI with point-and-click management capabilities.

Upgrading to the IBM FlashSystem family gives organizations the power to virtualize existing storage, allowing those systems to automatically inherit advanced capabilities such as auto-tiering, data reduction and mirroring, bringing new life to older systems.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize software is also included, which gives users the ability to remove software licenses from existing systems. This means that virtualizing and managing an entire data center of heterogeneous storage can be done from a single pane of glass.

Storage solution integration by Sirius

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