Snowflake is the Data Cloud that boasts instant elasticity, secure data sharing, and per-second pricing across multiple clouds. Its ability to natively load and use SQL to query semi-structured and structured data within a single system simplifies your data engineering.

To help you better understand the ins and outs of using Snowflake and its unique features, we’ve developed a demo series called Sirius About Snowflake.

At Sirius, we’re piloting a modern analytic solution using Snowflake’s Data Cloud in combination with ThoughtSpot through its Partner Connect service offering.

ThoughtSpot is a search and AI-driven analytics platform with modern features such as the ability to ask questions in natural language, to get answers to questions you didn’t think to ask (thanks to predictive analytics), and to easily build interactive dashboards.

Watch our newest demo that walks you through the steps of using ThoughtSpot to connect to your data residing in Snowflake in order to perform live queries against the dataset.

By using ThoughtSpot with Snowflake, you can:

  • Search directly on Snowflake.
  • Eliminate the need to move data by running queries directly in Snowflake to give you the most up-to-date answers
  • Democratize data and analytics across the enterprise
  • Create dynamic reports that allow users to drill down on a searchable dashboard

This demo is broken up into four videos:

  1. Creating an Embrace connection
  2. Creating a worksheet
  3. Editing an Embrace connection
  4. Light data modeling

Stay tuned for the next video in our Sirius About Snowflake demo series. Have questions? Contact us.

Sirius provides Snowflake consulting, professional and managed services to help you with data platform modernization, data migration, and achieving more insight from your data. We can answer any questions you have about Snowflake or ThoughtSpot and help you better understand how to use either solution.