The increasing use of and reliance on mobile access, cloud processing and cloud-based services has led to a growing need for cloud-based security. Nearly half of all user requests are now going to a cloud destination, and many of these requests are on unmanaged devices with limited security. As a result, securing an effective perimeter within the organization data center is no longer feasible— users, data and access in the cloud often move beyond the security strategies and processes in place for many organizations.

With the staggering complexity of managing multiple vendors, platforms and solutions challenging already-strained IT staff and resources, more solutions are not the answer. In 2019, Gartner identified an emerging strategy that can help enterprises improve access and security across remote users, endpoints, SaaS applications and cloud environments, as well as reduce the complexity of their data center architecture.

What is SASE?

Secure access service edge or SASE (pronounced sassy) is a security model that combines aspects of wide-area networking (WAN) with network security. It converges and consolidates multiple network and security solutions to solve digital security challenges. SASE solutions are likely to be provided by vendors through cafeteria-style subscription pricing. Delivered in a single cloud offering, it creates a secure edge in the cloud for the organization

Why now is the right time for SASE

When Gartner named and introduced SASE in their 2019 publication The Future of Network Security Is in the Cloud, it was presented as a model for helping organizations solve the challenges of a digital environment. The infrastructure of many organizations continues to be centered around the on-premises data center for network management and security, but that’s not ideal for securing the edge.


Driven by the global pandemic, the world changed in unforeseen ways early in 2020. What was a “nice to have” in 2019 is now an imperative for many firms. The need for reliable remote access, security control and visibility of applications has surged throughout 2020.

The typical lines of defense for a physical network are evaporating and the network is now bound by users and endpoints wherever access is occurring. As we move to secure the edge, most traffic will likely flow through a SASE solution for security. Predictions are that 20% of enterprises will have adopted a SASE solution from a single provider by 2023.

SASE delivers benefits

The holistic view of the network delivered by SASE enables protection and performance to come from a single, unified, cloud-delivered platform. This provides several advantages for the business and the IT team, including:

  • Greater agility and speed to digital transformation
  • Reduced complexity through solution consolidation
  • Improved security with user-based protection delivered everywhere

SASE solutions can be instrumental in helping organizations achieve secure direct-to-cloud access. With the appropriate configurations, it can also support the zero-trust approach of requiring verification before granting access to any user, device or application.

Sirius delivers SASE

Multiple vendors are developing SASE solutions. Sirius has strong relationships with these innovative providers, and our team has expertise with their solution portfolios. Our Security consultants are engaging with clients to help them understand how they can leverage SASE technologies in their organizations, and we’re ready to talk SASE whenever you are. Reach out to your Sirius representative or contact us today to get the conversation started.