Good ideas start with coffee, but how can you be sure you will be able to use them and your organization’s valuable data without disaster recovery or data protection? In today’s fast paced business world, data needs to be accessible 24/7. When you are unprepared and mission-critical machines go down, you risk hours of data loss. You will need more than a shot of espresso to get back in business.

How do you know if you need to stir things up and implement a new disaster recovery or data protection plan? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you probably need an updated solution that is as strong as your darkest roast.

When mission-critical machines go down, can you recover your data quickly?

Every company needs a short recovery time, but many still rely on data recovery solutions that require a significant wait time before their data can be copied back. Those organizations risk at least 12 hours of data loss in most cases, and the recovery time can take days depending on the size of the organization. Sit tight at the coffee bar if you are a large business. 

Does your organization want to migrate its data to the cloud?

Virtualizing a copy of your workload at another location such as the cloud or a physical location to ensure you have a disaster recovery copy available when things go wrong, sounds like a necessary system to have in place. It is as essential as water is for making coffee, but on a rough day you might press the start button before pouring water in your coffee maker and now you are late for work. Having a data recovery copy ready to go to avoid an extended data recovery time is like filling your coffee maker with water the night before work. You just click start, give it a few seconds to percolate and your business is brewing.

Is your data protection solution hardware- and technology-agnostic?

The ever-increasing complexity, industry shifts, and pace of technological innovation has made today’s IT world one of partnerships. Just as you can make a cup of joe in a French press or coffee maker, your data protection’s hypervisor-based replication should work on any compute virtualization platform with no impact to production environments. Same goes for integration for any on-premises infrastructure and target site, and more.

Let Sirius help your organization backup and secure your data while you focus on driving your business forward, full steam ahead.

Need a backup and recovery evaluation? Sirius’ Standardization Healthcheck Assessment analyzes your backup and recovery environment against current industry best practices. You will receive a comprehensive view of your hardware and software, as well as documentation of your specific operational challenges. You will uncover tactical steps to address immediate pains, and process recommendations to achieve a scalable, agile and secure backup environment to meet your future needs as well.

Sirius maintains the highest level of partnerships and certifications with the top manufacturers in the industry with the support of our Data Protection and Information Management (DPIM) practice. We will partner with you to show how your company can take advantage of what you already have, determine what you need to add, and reduce complexity with standardization.

If you would like to speak with a Sirius data protection specialist about data protection and disaster recovery solutions, or our Standardized Healthcheck Assessment, please speak with your Sirius client executive or contact us directly at