When someone tells you that “you get what you pay for,” it’s usually because they want to convince you to spend more or because they want to point out that a decision based on price alone won’t get you the best option.

What’s implied is that if you spend more, you get better results. But is that really true?

Staying ahead of increasing and evolving cybersecurity threats is a continuous effort that requires both a relentless focus on advancing your security posture and an optimized security stack that delivers on the promises made at purchase.

Answering the tough questions

If your organization is taking an increasingly cautious approach to operational spend and capital expenditure projects, you’re not alone. Business leadership across industries is asking IT to get more for less without affecting security. Do you have the information you need to answer these tough questions?

Are there ways to optimize the current cost of our security posture?
Are the security controls we have in place performing as advertised?

Sirius has developed the Security Performance Optimization solution to help you respond to shifting investment priorities, discover untapped value in your security investments, and prove the effectiveness of your security strategy with measured validation.

Goldilocks and the “just right” security stack

If you’re like Goldilocks, you’re in search of the “just right” option. Not too many or too few security tools, but just the right combination to maximize your security expenditures. And not relying on a vendor’s assurances on solution performance, but confirming it for yourself.

The Sirius Security Performance Optimization solution offers two available assessments. Individually or conducted together, these assessments can help you gain the insight you need to pronounce your security stack “just right.”

Security Cost Optimization Assessment

This assessment gauges and optimizes the current cost of your security posture. Real-time discovery is used to deliver actionable recommendations. This assessment builds from an initial scoping meeting with your team through to the delivery of specific actions you can take to lower costs—and the associated costs of each action.

As part of the cost-saving discovery, your current risks and vulnerabilities, redundant security controls and underutilized security controls are identified.

Key service areas include:

  • Cloud enablement: Creates a simple, cost-effective path to the cloud.
  • Cybersecurity: Delivers a standards-compliant, 25-point cybersecurity overview.
  • Asset management: Helps you identify what assets you currently have so you can better manage them.
  • Discovery assessment: Provides a rapid, scale-based entry point that blends elements of all of the above.

Security Controls Validation Assessment

This engagement provides you with a measured, quantitative analysis of your current security controls and defensive posture. Your Sirius Security team works with you to develop an attack-type test strategy. Actors are implemented in target control areas, and attack vectors are launched. The collected data is delivered to you with interpretations and remediation suggestions, along with the estimated impact of those remediations on your security posture.

Along with helping you identify critical security controls for validation, this engagement develops a package of hundreds of “attack types” from live exploits to be used for testing. Available areas for testing include network controls, email controls, endpoint controls and cloud controls.

Security Controls Results Snapshot

Key benefits include:

  • Optimizes the effectiveness of your controls and maximizes your ROI.
  • Validates your data leakage/data compromise prevention capabilities.
  • Proactively prepares you for adversarial attacks.
  • Provides evidence of competency.
  • Confirms your defensive posture in support of remote users and locations.
  • Verifies the results of a third-party assessment following a breach.

The workshop approach

Led by Sirius Security consultants, both assessments are done using a workshop approach. You will gain hands-on experience in a controlled situation. Each assessment starts with a scoping session to bring your stakeholders together to establish the objectives, tasks and timeline. From there, the established data is collected and analyzed by our security experts to provide quantitative effectiveness and develop recommendations for optimizing your controls, spend and security posture. Their analysis and recommendations are delivered to you during a review that provides you an opportunity to explore and discuss the results with your Sirius team.

Unlock value and validate effectiveness

The forces impacting security change continuously. Your security posture needs to be dynamic to address them. Understanding your security posture, risk profile and threat matrix is the first step in establishing on-going monitoring and validation capabilities to help you maintain it in that “just right” state. Sirius can help you implement the solution and cycle that works best for you: monthly, quarterly or continuous.

You can learn more about the Sirius Security Performance Optimization solution by watching the video or reading the brochure.

To see a demonstration of these technologies or to discuss how Sirius can help you meet the challenges of today’s changing business environment driven by external impacts or your organization’s individual drivers, speak to your Sirius representative or contact us today.