Since ever-growing data continues to rule business trajectories, the transition to future readiness is essential. Nowhere is this truer than in the healthcare industry, which in this past year has seen remarkably rapid technological growth and innovation. In many instances, healthcare organizations are weighing their strategies to upgrade existing platforms or to deploy new ones to ensure that they can support the expanding needs of applications. For example, InterSystems IRIS is the next generation data management platform that fuels leading EHRs’ Interface Engines, among other clinical applications.

Migration to a new data platform is an undertaking that generally comes with alignment to organizational standards and greater flexibility in hardware selection. While solution specialists such as Sirius can streamline that migration process equipped with proven automation scripts that greatly reduce the deployment timeline, there are five major considerations organizations should be sure not to neglect:

  1. Project planning schedule/availability: Ensure that you have the staff and technical capacity for implementation. Working together with solution experts from Sirius who are equipped with proven automation scripts and extensive experience can streamline and exponentially accelerate your deployment timeline.
  2. Software licensing support: Be sure you plan for the software licensing cost and support requirements that will be required once you migrate and stand up your new platform.
  3. Operational support staff: An important question to consider is, do you have the level of talent or technical skill set to support operation of the new platform?
  4. Technology and capacity planning: One thing that often gets overlooked is the significant swing space required for data conversion, which generally involves a fair amount of additional storage capacity while the migration occurs.
  5. Business continuity and DR strategy: This is a good opportunity to re-evaluate your business continuity strategy and disaster recovery capabilities. With advancements in technology and hybrid-cloud architecture, you will be able to leverage cloud offerings to reduce cost and increase system resilience.

If your enterprise organization is ready to make the switch, our experts can help ensure a smooth, quick and easy process. For more information or to schedule a discovery session with a Sirius Healthcare solution expert, contact us.