Let’s face it: most IT directors or company leaders didn’t have “global pandemic” in their 2020 strategic plans. Enterprises everywhere have had to shift, re-plan, and ultimately roll with the economic punches in this year of uncertainty and “what’s next?”

Shifting to cloud in 2020

Arguably now more than ever, companies are cutting costs wherever they can, and trying to be as strategic as possible to get the most bang for their IT buck. One area they’re focusing on is shifting appropriate workload to the cloud, but many are struggling to hire individuals with the skills needed to implement cloud-based infrastructures. Adopting cloud platforms also forces significant changes to an organization’s security, governance and compliance policies, as well as impacting cost management and overall corporate culture. This complexity ultimately slows the migration to cloud and makes it difficult for organizations to keep up with changing market dynamics.

Sirius can help you cut those cloud costs where it matters, so you can continue with business in these uncharted times.

Taking the complexity out of cloud

There’s a common misconception when companies migrate to cloud—or are already migrated and operating there—that services and management are static, inflexible, and usually one high price throughout the cloud service agreement lifespan. The cloud team at Sirius is here to prove that the old way of thinking and operating simply isn’t true or necessary anymore.

Cloud shouldn’t be synonymous with crazy costs or complex service agreements. With Sirius Cloud Transitional Services (CTS), we can help you embrace and maintain a cloud-first strategy while keeping your bottom line in mind. Sirius CTS helps clients manage the time, resources and layers of complexity required to design, implement and migrate workloads to the cloud, making the entire process faster, more affordable, and less frustrating.

Cloud optimization and flexibility? It’s not too good to be true

Sirius CTS allows organizations to leverage our certified team of cloud experts at the exact moment—and at the appropriate scale—needed, saving them time, money and headache. Whether an organization needs help in project acceleration, short-term assistance or a fully managed service, we can deliver a custom, flexible solution that can optimize any stage of a cloud journey.


Stages of transitioning to the cloud

Stages of transitioning to the cloud.


Benefits of Sirius Cloud Transitional Services include:

  • The ability to add skills at virtually any point during a project, enhancing flexibility and adaptability
  • Granular optimization, relocation and management to fit the specific needs of any project—no matter how small or large
  • An engagement and requests process that allows Sirius to allocate resources and hours as needed for projects, with the ability to scale and fluctuate as projects evolve for a guaranteed, “right-sized” support model
  • The ability to move commodity functions out quickly
  • Improved speed, reliability, flexibility, security, governance and economy through automation
  • Employment of elastic environments that automatically scale to fit the requirements of any environment

Unprecedented flexibility and functionality

Sirius CTS can provide metered engineering services on demand, allowing organizations to pay only for what they use and giving them the ability to turn the cloud services spigot on or off, when and where they need to. Sirius utilizes the collaboration between our Cloud, Managed Services, and Professional Services practices to offer clients unparalleled speed, efficiency and flexibility for cloud services. So, in what real-life use cases would this flexibility be particularly helpful?

  • You lose key staff members and while you’re trying to hire and replace that talent, your enterprise is vulnerable if something happens in your cloud environment.
  • You start a project and now you’re running out of time or falling behind. We can deploy resources in parallel to accelerate the project and take the burden off your team.
  • You need to plan and execute a migration into the cloud, and don’t even know where to start. We can design and deploy whatever fits your current cloud needs.

Sirius is dedicated to helping you successfully navigate your cloud and modernization transformation journey by offering innovative solutions that leverage industry-leading tools and strategic technologies to help make your business more successful.

Sirius Cloud Transitional Services is designed to support the cloud journey throughout the life cycle and provide solutions at any point in the process, as organizations’ resources and priorities change. Visit our Cloud Solutions page or contact us today for more information on how you can benefit from Sirius CTS.