Data is a valuable asset that can help businesses reduce costs, make informed decisions, and better understand what their customers need. However, data can easily become useless if it is trapped in an outdated technology.

Scale and Efficiency of the Cloud

Creating a modern data platform that is designed to support your current and future needs is critical in a data-driven organization. Business leaders need to be able to quickly access data—and to trust the accuracy of that data—to make better decisions.

Traditional data warehouses are often too slow and can’t handle large volumes of data or different types of semi-structured or unstructured data. They can be inflexible and costly since you are not able to scale your usage as you would using a modern data platform, such as Snowflake, and the cloud. They also aren’t built to integrate new technologies such as artificial intelligence and deep learning tools, which can move a business to continuous intelligence and from predictive to prescriptive analytics.

Easy Access with a Secure Foundation

Building a modern data platform begins with having a solid data governance and data security foundation, and a strategic roadmap to modernize successfully. Another critical step is to create a framework to integrate your data. There should be a strong focus on data quality, modeling, and solutions that can help with modern ETL/ELT, replication and streaming needs.

It is also important to consider how you get data into the hands of your citizen users. More and more non-technical employees are requiring access to analytics, and waiting around for days to get a report or updates are no longer acceptable. Democratizing your data gives quick access to insights for those who need it, and frees up the time of your data analysts who can now focus on continuing to increase the intelligence in your analytics.

Build a Best of Breed Data Platform

Learn more about building a modern data platform by watching our on-demand webinar, Building a Best-of-Breed Data Platform, where we will demonstrate how to create a modern data platform using Snowflake, Matillion and ThoughtSpot. Need one-on-one support? Contact us and one of our data platform modernization experts will reach out to you.