backup as a service (Baas)Companies trying to manage their own backup and recovery face a host of challenges and complications that are often impossible to overcome. Data protection typically falls on administrators with full workloads and other responsibilities, leaving them with no time to assess their current environment and ensure they are correctly protecting workloads. As a result, companies frequently sacrifice planning for the future state of their data protection environment, and continue playing whack-a-mole with their data backup.

Multiple factors and backup intricacies have caused a trend of increasingly complex enterprise backup environments. Companies often outgrow their original backup system or procure multiple backup products when they experience a rapid rate of growth and expansion of manpower and data due to situations like mergers and acquisitions. This is exacerbated as industry standards and infrastructure grow and change, making it more difficult to keep systems streamlined, updated and maintained. 

Work smarter—not harder—with Sirius BaaS 

Sirius Backup as a Service (BaaS) helps enterprises by taking over backup and recovery responsibilities and allowing workforces to shift their focus back to their primary, strategic roles. Our team of BaaS experts is equipped to immediately step in and assume 100% of your backup and recovery functions, ensuring that these critical services are operational 24x7x365 and that your data is always protected, accessible and managed.

Our BaaS solution is built on industry-leading backup software, and offers the most robust features to protect the widest variety of workloads and keep your data protected from the latest security vulnerabilities. We help address and solve the pain points associated with data backup and recovery while minimizing complexity, increasing reliability and reducing the resources a company traditionally associates with backup and recovery tasks. Our end-to-end and fully managed services for backup and recovery guard your most critical asset, giving you peace of mind that your data is protected and readily available when you need it—allowing you to focus on the daily operations of your company.

Sirius BaaS can help you:

1. Save money:

  • Sirius provides the hardware, software, maintenance and labor associated with the delivery of the service, alleviating any large capital expenses on hardware, maintaining yearly software maintenance, or having to employing a team of backup administrators.
  • Sirius offers flexible payment options for retaining data over the short or long term. Data can be retained on-site for faster backups and restores. Long-term data can be tiered off to cloud storage or secure, durable and low-cost cold storage depending on the frequency with which it needs to be accessed.

2. Increase operational efficiency:

  • Sirius provides all initial and ongoing services in support of BaaS, including 24x7x365 monitoring, problem remediation, policy change execution and system maintenance.
  • Our BaaS solution is a pay-as-you-go service, enabling you to access capacity on a subscription basis with a minimum contract and scale up or down as needed, ensuring that you always have up-to-date copies of your data. 

3. Reduce security risk:

  • The Sirius Managed Services and Security teams work closely to guarantee that BaaS devices are up to date on the latest industry security regulations, ensuring that our BaaS solution offers appropriate segregation of client data and data encryption utilizing AES 256, and allowing data to be encrypted in-flight and at-rest.
  • Utilizing role-based access using security controls, Sirius enables customized access for end-users to run on-demand backups and restores as needed.
  • Along with adhering to data security standards such as HIPAA and PCI, Sirius implements foundational hardening on all BaaS devices as well as recommended backup application hardening. We can also enable additional ransomware functionality for our BaaS clients, such as anomaly detection and data isolation via an air-gapped copy of their data.

Try before you buy

If Sirius BaaS sounds like something that would ease your backup and recovery strain, you can get started today with a no-cost, no-commitment 30-day trial. Sirius will deploy a BaaS platform in your data center at no charge, enabling you to experience and validate the service and how it works for your enterprise. We provide a complete assessment to show you how your specific backup environment will be more efficient and secure. At the end of the successful trial, you can easily sign up for the service leveraging the BaaS platform already deployed in your data center, or, if you’re not completely convinced after the trial period that Sirius BaaS is the right fit, we securely delete all your data and take back the gear. It’s that easy!

Why Sirius BaaS?

Our proven BaaS solutions help ensure resiliency and protection for your data, while also minimizing the impact of unexpected interruptions. Protect your data with our fast, flexible, cloud-based backup and recovery. Visit our Managed Services page for more information and contact us today to get started on your customized BaaS journey.